8+ Interactive Venn Diagram Templates – Free Sample, Example Format Download!

Interactive Venn diagrams are quite popular among app developers and website designers. If you want to create some thoughtful content that would keep your viewers hooked, the interactive Venn diagrams would a perfect choice. You don’t have to worry about creating them from the scratch as they are freely available for you to use. You can always download the sample for free and have a close look. You can also see Circle Venn Diagram Templates.

interactive venn diagram templates

Celebrity Interactive Venn Diagram Template Creator

celebrity interactive venn diagram template creator
This is a diagram template made of two cycles. Each cycle is of a different color with the section of overlap showing a different color too. One side shows actors with the other singers and the overlap showing singers who are actors.

Interactive Venn Diagram 3 parts Worksheets PDF Format Sample

interactive venn diagram 3 parts worksheets pdf format sample
This diagram template has three overlapping cycles that gives rise to four sections of overlap. The plain cycles give a chance to write the three subjects and compare their similarities with each other.

Sort Shapes Into a Venn Diagram Interactive

sort shapes into a venn diagram interactive
This diagram template with two overlapping rings with colored boundaries is used to sort different shapes and colors into the cycles and the overlap section. Similar shapes and similar colors can be grouped together.

eChalk Interactive Venn Diagrams Template Example

echalk interactive venn diagrams template example
The diagram template is made of two cycles of different colors overlapping. It is used to sort numbers in multiples of and factors of and compares the similar ones in the intersection.

Interactive Writing Venn Diagram Template Sample Download

interactive writing venn diagram template sample download
This is a diagram template made of two three dimensional cycles. The cycles are of different color and the diagram is used to clearly express similarities and differences of numbers.

Hunger Games Interactive Venn Diagram Example Download

hunger games interactive venn diagram example download

Play Interactive Venn Diagram Template for Kids

play interactive venn diagram template for kids

Interactive Venn Diagram of Premiership Strikers Download

interactive venn diagram of premiership strikers download

The templates of these Venn diagrams can be downloaded free of cost and the customisable features would enable you to make changes as well. They are available in JPG and PSD format which would let you run them easily on various software such Word, Power Point, Paint, Photoshop etc.