33+ Postcard Design Templates – Free Sample, Example Format Download

Post card design templates are of varying shapes and sizes, and textures and themes. There are certain pre-defined templates which can be readily used by the designer, and apart from that, there are blank templates as well which provides the users to design the template from scratch. The design and texture of the template by and large depends upon the objective behind the same. You can also see photoshop postcard templates. For example – flashy templates are designed mostly using attractive images which are more eye catchy with attractive font styling, whereas formal templates like business newsletters are designed using a plethora of existing postcard design templates samples & formats, which is more informative.

Photographer Business Postcard Template


Small Business Postcard Template


Promotional Postcard Template


Free Cleaning Postcard Template


Event Planner Postcard Template


Business Thank You Postcard Template


New Business Announcement Postcard Template


Corporate Business Postcard Design Photoshop PSD

corporate business postcard design photoshop psd

A corporate business template needs to be formal and official in tone. If that’s the look that you want, you could go for this postcard template. What’s more, you get to add your business details on the cover to make it eye catching.

postcard design template

Mega Collection of PostCard Template Design

mega collection of postcard template design

If your choose to download this template, you will get quite a few options to choose from while making your template. If you’re sending out postcards on a bulk, this would be particularly useful.

Custom Business Postcard Design Download

custom business postcard design download

To make sure your new business gets all the publicity it deserves, you could add your business details to this bright blue postcard template. You can customize it by adding your company name and a short description on the cover.

Postcard Design Invitation Mockup

postcard design invitation mockup

The best party about this invitation postcard is that it can be used for any kind of special occasion, like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and ordinary get together. The beautiful painting on the cover appears really attractive.

Photography Postcard Design Download

photography postcard design download

Effective marketing and advertising strategies can catapult your business to success. If you’re an expert in the field of photography, you could add all necessary details on the cover itself, along with your contact details.

Postcard Design on a School Theme

postcard design on a school theme

Postcards being sent out by the school to its students need to be fun, appealing and attractive. You need to be able to catch the attention of your students. This particular postcard template can help you with that.

Custom and Graphic Postcard Design

custom and graphic postcard design

Speaking of minimalistic postcard designs, you simply cannot ignore this template. It has a bright coloured background, surrounded by an ornate border. You can customize your template just the way you want.

Automotive Business Postcard Design

automotive business postcard design

If you’ve just started an automotive business, then you need all the publicity you can get. Download this template today, it will be the best thing you’ll ever do. It will help your customers know more about you, thus improving your prospects.

Real Estate Postcard Design PSD Download

real estate postcard design psd download

If you are a real estate agent or a real estate developer, you need to download this template today. With this template, you can promise to gift your clients their dream home, which is sure to get their attention.

Vector Vintage Postcard Design Format

vector vintage postcard design format

If you decide to go with this template, you get to choose how your company name or title appears on the postcard. As you can see, you have a plethora of options to choose from, each with a unique charm of its own.

Postcard Design Template in Tree Format

postcard design template in tree format

This cute postcard template can be used for a variety of purposes. It has an image of a tree on it, if you want a simple yet attractive look. You can customize your postcard just the way you want.

Old Postcard Design Template Vector EPS

old postcard design template vector eps

This particular antique themed postcard would be perfect for any occasion, as a matter of fact. It is almost devoid of any design, except with an image in the centre. You can customize your postcard and add the relevant details.

New Style Postcards Designs

new style postcards designs

If you’re looking for a modern, contemporary look for your postcard, then this is the template you should go for. The background is flamboyant, with bright colours splashed across it.

Merry Christmas Postcard Design Template

merry christmas postcard design template

Who said Christmas was all about red and green? Download this graceful and elegant Christmas themed postcard template; the black and white combination and the beautifully designed envelope simply adds to its charm.

Corporate Postcard Design Illustrator

corporate postcard design illustrator

Corporate business postcards need to be both attractive and formal. You could go for this template, where you get to add a separate “about us” section, along with an image that is relevant to your business.

Postcard Design Template in Water Colour

postcard design template in water colour

Collateral Postcard Design Template Download

collateral postcard design template download

Halloween Postcard Design in PSD Format

halloween postcard design in psd format

Custom Postcard Design for Girls

custom postcard design for girls

Vintage Postcard Design Template Download

vintage postcard design template download

Autumn Postcard Vector Design in AI Illustrator

autumn postcard vector design in ai illustrator

Postcard Design for Holiday Marketing

postcard design for holiday marketing

Postcard Design for Mouse House

postcard design for mouse house

Sea Shells Postcard Design Vector EPS

sea shells postcard design vector eps

RSVP Postcard Design Format with Moon and Stars

rsvp postcard design format with moon and stars

Postcard Design Template Download for Christmas

postcard design template download for christmas