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What Is An Elegant Resume?

An elegant resume is a one- to two-page document that is a summary of your qualifications for your desired job. An elegant resume is more than just a mere job application letter. Instead, it is a useful self-marketing tool that you can utilize to your prospective employers. It is your passport to land an interview. However, no matter how qualified and executive you are in your chosen job, a poorly written and constructed resume will surely bring you down.

How To Write An Elegant Resume?

As based on statistics, a good 40% of hiring managers or officers spend about less than a minute in scanning resumes. So, as an applicant, you need to make sure that your resume is creative and elegant enough to be noticed. Take time to work on your resume and let us accompany you on your journey. Here are some helpful steps to achieve an elegant resume.

1. Choose The Right Format

You cannot just put your information all in willy-nilly. Choose from the three resume formats—reverse chronological, functional, and combination. But mostly, if you want to make an elegant resume, you can use reverse chronological format as it is minimalist, simple yet classy.

2. Add Your Personal And Contact Details

A career-oriented individual must know what information must be shared in a resume. To make an elegant resume, you need some factors that you need to include and those who are not necessary. Necessary pieces of information include your name, phone, number, and email address. For optional information, you can indicate mailing address, professional or brand title, social media, and website. The contact information you need to avoid is your date of birth and second phone number or email address.

3. Formulate Resume Summary Or Objective

According to thorough research, most likely that the employer spends 6 seconds skimming resumes. That is why if you are a teacher, engineer, designer, or in sales consulting, you need to formulate a heading statement that is brief yet impactful. It is most likely to catch the attention of your employer as it is at the top of your simple resume. You need to make it with wits that will serve as the marketing strategy that will put you to the pedestal.

4. List Relevant Work Experiences

If you are a newbie in the work industry, you can skip this step. If not, then it is your time to shine. If you would like to create an elegant BPO resume or customer service resume, then your work experiences are your aces to achieve it. You need to arrange your work experiences with the job title, company, dates employed, achievements, and keywords. Arrange them from the recent down to your tenure work experience. Also, you can present them through bullet points and place them near the top.

5. Include Educational Background

Educational background must not be treated as an afterthought, and instead, it will significantly boost your morale in your resume. Input it from your highest educational attainment. If you finished a degree, no need to add other education orders. Also, add any relevant coursework, certificates, honors, or awards received.

6. Include Other Information

You can add a list of relevant skills that you have. You can add your hard skills wherein your specific abilities and your soft skills wherein it is self-developed. Also, you can include your hobbies and interests, works volunteered, languages, publications, and projects and finish it with an elegant cover letter.

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