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How to Make an Elegant Brochure

It takes a lot of talent to create themed creative brochures that fit according to a person’s or an entity’s needs. That is why, if you intend to make elegant brochures, you first need to learn the ins and outs of brochure-making.

In the short guide below, you will learn how to make a brochure that exudes elegance, luxury, and class. Read and study all the tips shared below so that you can create elegant designs for your business brochures and other graphic design projects like logos, business cards, banners, and flyers too.

1. Use a Matching Color Scheme

To create an elegant brochure, you must start with an equally elegant color combination. Monochromatic color palettes tend to work best in creating a sense of luxury and elegance. You may apply this color scheme by using a matching background color design. Or, you may incorporate it in your font colors, image hues, or even header designs. Just remember, your color choice should always reinforce your brochure template design’s retro theme.

2. Pick Classy Typefaces

To match the sleek and modern theme of your elegant marketing or educational brochure, you must also choose equally classy typefaces. You do not have to always choose script or Serif font styles. What is important is choosing fonts that have clean outlines and equal kerning. This makes any piece of content appear less cluttered and, in effect, more formal and professional.

3. Choose an Organized Layout

Elegant brochures should also follow a clean and organized layout. This makes the entire document easier to read and comprehend. Remember that a good brochure layout design consists of taking into consideration all the text and visual elements found in your brochure design. Feel free to remove any text, header, logo, letterhead, or image if you think that they do not make your brochure more readable.

4. Write Relevant Content

The importance of incorporating relevant content in any printed advertising material like brochures, booklets, and pamphlets cannot be understated. Without the appropriate and persuasive content, your elegant brochure is useless. You need to come up with ad copy that addresses a reader’s needs and prompts them to take action right after reading your brochure.

5. Select High-Quality Images

Another way to make elegant brochures appear more classy is through the use of high-quality and relevant images and/or illustrations. The right images on your brochure’s cover page can help entice a person into reading the material. This applies to whether you are making a personal or a business brochure. You may use stock photos or you may hire professional photographers to take pictures of your products, services, events, or desired subject. When doing so, make sure to inform the photographer that you want an elegant look for all the pictures that they take and edit.

6. Use Glossy Paper

And to truly complement a beautiful and elegant brochure design, you need to use high-quality, glossy paper to print the brochure template on. Glossy papers are used in printing magazines and catalogs. With the right brochure size and with this kind of brochure printing quality, your printable brochures may be used to advertise jewelry, townhouses, property, wedding photography packages, or even wealth management services if you so desire.

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