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What is an Elegant Menu?

An elegant menu is a sophisticatedly crafted list of dishes available in a restaurant or event. A menu with a touch of elegance will surely enhance a diner’s dining experience and makes them feel a sense of exquisite service. Elegant menus are usually seen in a wedding celebration, fine dining restaurants, and afternoon tea sessions. Statistics show that 51% of diners eat out not less than twice a week, so entice these customers by designing an aesthetically pleasing sample menu.

How to Craft an Elegant Menu?

elegant menu template

Thanksgiving party, fancy dinner, holiday dinner, wedding, or afternoon tea—whatever your menu’s purpose may be, crafting one would be easy if you follow these simple steps carefully.

1. Choose a Color Scheme

Crafting an elegant menu starts with choosing the most suitable color scheme. Make sure that you match the colors with the theme of your event or restaurant to create harmony. You may opt for pale colors for a light, soft, and calming effect towards the viewers. Moreover, black, white, and gold would give your menu a classic and elegant look.

2. Select the Right Typeface

Using the right typeface will effectively communicate a restaurant’s brand. Break free from conventional typefaces and select the ones that would make your modern menu appear more sophisticated. For the headings, you can use modern calligraphy fonts. However, you have to avoid using cursive typefaces for the menu items and descriptions since they need to be easily read by the diners. Keep in mind that in selecting a typeface, you have to consider not just its style but also its legibility.

3. Type Details

Let’s say you already have designed your menu’s background. To complete its content, start typing the necessary details which include menu items (dishes and beverages), descriptions, and prices. It would also help if you list these information beforehand for you not to miss out a thing. For the descriptions, write it in a way that the diners would want to order the dishes so bad. If you are a restaurateur, here’s a tip: leave currency symbols off your printable menu for the customers not to be overly aware of how much they are spending.

4. Categorize

It is important that you categorize your simple menu in logical groups for the customer to easily navigate it. You can divide your menu in accordance with the restaurant’s specialty or the type of food you offer. Also take note of eye scanning patterns, which means that you have to arrange your menu items in a way that the most profitable dishes are the first ones the customer will recognize.

5. Avoid Using Too Much Photos

Having too much photos in your editable menu will make it look overloaded; your menu descriptions are enough to stimulate the diners’ appetite. However, if you want to attach photos in your menu, make sure that they are of high-quality and they actually make the food appear scrumptious.

In restaurants, food menus are additional promotional tools. It is the first thing the customers will lay their eyes on before deciding what menu items to purchase, so make sure you’ve got the best one.

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