Elegance has its ways of captivating the attention of the people. Elegance in advertising materials exhibits sophistication and professionalism to a wide range of audiences. If you want a classy and creative print advertisement for your restaurant, spa, travel agency, etc., then download our ready-made elegant flyer templates. On this page, you can browse through our wide selection of 100% customizable, printable, high-quality, and beautifully designed templates, guaranteed to grab the attention of potential customers. With this at your disposal, you would not have to design a flyer from square one. Moreover, our templates are downloadable in numerous file formats such as Adobe Illustrator (.ai), Microsoft Word (.doc), Apple Pages (.pages), Adobe Photoshop (.psd), and Microsoft Publisher (.pub). Get yours today!

What is a Flyer?

A flyer is an unfolded single-paged print material widely used by various companies to promote their business offers or events. Typically, flyers are 8.5 inches in width and 11 inches in height. Flyers are sometimes confused with brochures. Although both are advertising tools that contain text and photos, brochures have folds. Flyers also have other names such as handbills, pamphlets, leaflets, inserts, or circulars.

How To Create an Elegant Flyer

In any print material, you have the freedom to choose what style would you want to incorporate in your design—so long as the material serves its purpose in promoting a product, service, or event. A flyer with a touch of elegance has a higher chance of grabbing the attention of the target market. If you are managing a business and you want to advertise your offers, creating a flyer would be a perfect choice. Worry not! We will help you with that. In this short guide, we will walk you through five simple steps to design your elegant flyer.

1. Know the Purpose

A flyer does not only advertise a product or service; it also serves a variety of purposes to different people or organizations. Some people use flyers to promote an upcoming event, party, fashion show, dinner, or gala. While advertisers use it as a marketing tool for a business like a real estate company, travel agency, restaurant, or hotel. So, before anything else, you first have to know the purpose of your flyer.

2. Select Fonts and Colors

For you to achieve an elegant design style, you have to be careful of your font and color choices. For the colors, you can use black, white, or gold for a classic look. In selecting fonts, make sure that it isn’t hard to read. Moreover, you may also add artwork or a subtle pattern in the flyer’s background for a more creative outcome.

3. Be Concise

Remember that less is more. Keep the necessary details only so that your event flyer or business flyer wouldn’t look overloaded with too much information. If you are promoting an event, include important information such as the what, when, and where.

4. Use Photography

High-quality and well-framed photos add more life in any print material. Having images in your flyer is beneficial, especially for a marketing flyer since it allows the target market to have a gist of the products or services offered in a particular business. For a party flyer or event flyer, you may insert a photo related to the event you are trying to promote.

5. Keep It Simple Yet Elegant

As Coco Chanel said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” Thus, for your flyers to be visually appealing, you only have to keep it simple while maintaining its elegance at the same time. After doing steps one to four, review the content, finalize your design, and print your document on a high-quality paper. If you’re looking for other ways to promote your business, you may also download our premium and free brochure templates, business card templates, and other print templates.

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