How to Add Bitmojis in Google Drawings?

The Bitmoji extension is one of the best apps you can use to optimize and keep your work fun or creative in Google Drawings. And these are the best steps to help you add Bitmojis in Google Drawings appropriately. how-to-add-bitmojis-in-google-drawings-01

How to Add Bitmojis in Google Drawings?

  • Step 1: How to Add Bitmoji Extension


    To use bitmoji stickers, you need to add a bitmoji extension to your Google Chrome browser. Make sure to look for the link to the bitmoji extension to download. You can start by searching Then type in the search box the word bitmoji. Then, click the app, and select Add to Chrome.

  • Step 2: How to Find a Bitmoji


    Once you’re done adding the bitmoji as your extension, this time, you need to log in to your Snapchat account. You can now start to look for more bitmoji shapes by locating the Extensions in the upper right of your Chrome. Just right-click the image to copy when you’ve found your desired bitmoji.

  • Step 3: How to Paste Image on Canvas


    In this step, you need to open your Google Drawings. Then, adjust your page setup to match your bitmoji design. After that, you can right-click to paste the image to the canvas in your Google Drawings. On the other hand, you can also drag the picture from the bitmoji extension for convenience

  • Step 4: How to Customize the Bitmoji

    This time, you can customize your bitmoji with anything that you like. To add shape, you can click the Shape button and choose your preferred shape to enhance your bitmoji. To add bitmojis background color and rotate, click the Fill color button. Right-click the image and select Rotate to choose the angle you want for your bitmoji. Finally, you can share and export drawings on Google Drawings immediately.

Can I also adjust the border of my bitmoji?

Yes, you can customize the thickness of your border by locating it in the toolbar.

Is it possible to add more bitmojis on my canvas?

Of course, you can add bitmojis as many as you want to your canvas.

How can I save my bitmoji art in a PNG image?

Just click the File button and then Download it as a PNG image.