How to Split Cells Google Sheets

Splitting cells to separate data can save you a lot of trouble in organizing data. Scroll down to find out how you can do it in Google Sheets! how-to-split-cells-google-sheets

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How to Split Cells Google Sheets

  • Step 1: Select Text/Column


    Similar to wrapping text and merging cells, sometimes it is much faster to place data into the cells in one go rather than organizing them manually. Not to worry, as you can still organize them efficiently by splitting them into different cells

  • Step 2: Move Cursor to the Menu


    To get started, you can move your cursor to the menu.

  • Step 3: Click Data


    Click on the word that says ‘Data’ on the menu.

  • Step 4: Select Split text to Columns


    On the drop down, you can move your cursor to the bottom part and click on split text to Columns. This will automatically split and transpose the text in your selected cell.

  • Step 5: Choose Options in the Separator Drop Down


    To organize it properly you can choose options in the drop down that appear beneath the cell that has the word ‘Separator’. Doing this can help you organize the text/data you have added in your spreadsheet. For example, you can use this to organize the full names that you have added to your invitation list, or numbers in your budget. And that is how you split cells in Google Sheets.

What is the purpose of splitting cells in Google Sheets?

When it comes to splitting cells in Google Sheets it is ideal for organizing data whether they be text, sentences, names, etc. To split and remove makes it efficient.

When splitting cells, what are the options for the Separator drop down in Google Sheets?

The options for the Separator drop down are: comma, semicolon, space, period, detect automatically, and custom.

I want to split cells horizontally in Google Sheets, can I split them into different rows?

No, you can only split a cell vertically, placing the separated content into the next column.

Is there a shortcut for splitting cells?

Yes, using the SPLIT () function on Google sheets can make splitting cells be done more efficiently. You can use this when it comes to spitting three or more columns.