How to Use Google Drawings

Google Drawings can be a helpful tool for creative creation. So, get to know how to use it to avoid wasting your time. how-to-use-google-drawings

How to Use Google Drawings

  • Step 1: How to Create a Google Account


    If you do not have a Google Account, you need to start from scratch. You can begin by creating a Google account by searching Then, you can click the “Sign In” button found in the top right-hand corner. Then make sure to click “Create Account.”

  • Step 2: How to Fill Out the Information


    In this step, a square dialog box will appear where you can start filling out the needed information. Make sure to provide all the necessary data required to have a successful registration. Don’t forget to give a strong Google Account password to avoid any problems in the future in logging in.

  • Step 3: How to Click on the Google Apps Icon


    Please hover your mouse on your screen, and locate the Google Apps icon. Once you’ve done hovering your mouse, you can click the Google Apps icon directly.

  • Step 4: How to Click on the Drive Icon


    This time, you need to locate the Drive icon. Make sure to click the icon. Once done, it will lead you to a more complex content of the Google Drive.

  • Step 5: How to Click on “New” in the Top Left Corner

    When you finally open Google Drive, you can now click the “New” button found in the upper left corner. This step is vital since this is where you will start using Google Drawings. Afterward, hover your mouse over the “More” button. A set of choices from the drop-down menu will appear, so choose the “Google Drawings.” Moreover, once you’re done you can share and export drawings on Google Drawing.

Can I use any email address for my Google Account?

Yes, you can. However, you need to choose a unique one to avoid duplication with the other accounts.

How many Google accounts can I create?

It depends on you as long as these accounts don’t have the same email address.

Can I also use the other Google Application found on my Google Drive?

Yes, you can use a Google Document, Google Slideshow, Google Sheets, and many other Google Applications.