How to Use Google Sheets

Are you a newbie when it comes to using Google Sheets? Don’t worry as you will learn the basics with these easy steps. how-to-use-google-sheets

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How to Use Google Sheets

  • Step 1: Log into Your Google Account to Open Google Sheets

    Go to and log into your active Google account to access Google Drive. After logging into your account, go to through your browser’s address bar. Alternatively, on the Google site main page, open the Google apps menu (top right corner) and click on the triangular Drive icon.

  • Step 2: Create a Google Spreadsheet through Google Drive

    If you want to set up a new Google spreadsheet document (like an Invoice Google Sheets Template) through Google Drive, click on the New button in the top left corner on the main Drive page and select Google Sheets in the dropdown menu. Additionally, you can use a template by clicking on the arrow button next to Google Sheets in the dropdown menu.

  • Step 3: Create a Google Spreadsheet Directly through Google Sheets

    Open the Google Apps dropdown menu (top right corner) on the main Google site page and click on the green Sheets icon. After the Sheets page loads up, start working on a new spreadsheet by clicking on the Blank option. You can also choose from one of the customizable choices in the template gallery, such as a Quotation Google Sheets Template.

  • Step 4: Use Functions for Calculations and More in Google Sheets


    As a part of cell basics, you can calculate data in cell content using Google Sheets Functions. Select a cell, input the equals sign (=), and start typing a Function’s name to open a list of suggestions. You can also choose Functions by opening the Functions dropdown list in the menu bar.

  • Step 5: Add Cells, Rows, and Columns to Your Google Sheets


    Click or highlight one or more cells, row headers, or column headers, and then open the Insert menu in the menu bar. Depending on what you select, you can access different options in the Insert menu (such as the number of cells to add). After clicking or highlighting one or more cells, right-click a selected cell in your Google Sheets interface to access a shortcut list of Insert options.

  • Step 6: Find Options in Google Sheets

    If you have trouble finding specific options, use Google Sheets’ built-in search function to find what you need. Open the Help menu in the menu bar (above) and type a related keyword in the top field. Tap Alt+/ as an alternative shortcut command to quickly access the Help menu and type in the search field right away.

How do I add a new sheet tab in Google Sheets?

To create a new sheet tab in your Google Sheets document, click the + icon (Add Sheet) in the lower-left corner. Double-click a sheet tab to access a list of options.

Can I convert a Microsoft Excel file into a Google Sheets file?

Yes, this conversion is possible in Google Sheets. Upload a Microsoft Excel file to your Google Drive, open it in Google Sheets, and then save the document as a Google Sheets file.

What is the purpose of Google Sheets?

You can conveniently use Google Sheets to create, edit, and share spreadsheets. Google Sheets works on various internet browsers and does not require you to install specific software.