5+ Sample Shot List Templates

Budding directors and film students will be pleased to know that there are different shot list templates available on the Internet which helps you create a simple but detailed list of shots. Most of the shot list template word tend to feature drop down menus for the purpose of recording the duration of each shot and the size. You can also see Price List Templates.

It is a great way to estimate the time of your film and thus, is used extensively in the field of media education. However, shot lists are not just meant for moviemaking and there is a separate photography film shot list template that allows you to keep track of the shots during a major photoshoot.

Simple Shot List Template Free

Shot List Template

What sets this Shot-List-Template apart from many others like it is the inclusion of features such as shot size, location duration, description etc. The content has been created in two colors- the grid lines in bluish grey and the font in black. It’s detailed, despite being simple.

Change Media Shot List Template Free

A lot of features have been packed in this single template. You can not only document your shot types and movement types but also describe the actions. The best thing is that you don’t have to pay to download Change Media Shot List Template.

Film Shot List Template

This is yet another simple and catchyFilm Shot List Template. What makes it different is the addition of a feature called ‘done?’ There are empty fields under this head which require to be filled out with a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ This would indicate whether or not the shots are complete.

Camera Shot List Template

Camera Shot List Template comes with notes and tips. So, if you are new to taking shots, these tips will help you immensely. These tips act as a guide for amateur directors or media students who are just learning the ropes.

> Easily Keep Track of your Shots with the Help of Shot List Template

  • A shot list template may be simple or complex depending upon your requirements. These simple templates can easily be modified to record the data you need and therefore, they prove to be extremely useful during film making.
  • You can use the shot list template alongside the storyboard template to gain extra artistic and visual directions during the making of the film or photoshoot.
  • You can easily break down the entire shoot into sections and can keep track of any changes in the process.

Importance of a shot list:

Shot list, in essence, is a sort of shot catalogue. Generally, a list of shots is important for creating amazing videos- long or short. Even popular movie directors prefer to use shot lists to keep track of their shots. Having a shot list helps the director in numerous ways. It saves a lot of his time by not compelling him to think which shot precedes or follows a given shot. All in all, shot lists are a must-have tool in a director’s toolbox. If you too create videos, then following shot list templates will immensely help you by offering a ready-made format for filling out.

> Conclusion

Almost all budding video makers swear by Shot-List-Templates. They offer them the much needed track required to shoot videos. If you are interested in using them, you can download them from the internet. They are easy to download and free. So, opt for these templates and create amazing shots.


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