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How to Make a Price List?

A price list is a sales tool used to distribute to clients you already have and potential clients. It functions to present the product range that a firm has. It can also be used to catalog the firm's products internally, handle data that relates to the information and pricing of different items, and to spread information of the product among the company's departments, agents, and suppliers.

The process of creating a price list can be a tedious one as it can consume your time in making an inventory of the products or services you provide. Before computers, price lists were made by hand. However, the digital wave has given people the chance to create lists with programs such as Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages. This article will provide a step-by-step guide to making your own price list.

1. The Difference between Catalogs and Price Lists

Some people make the mistake of identifying catalogs and price lists as the same thing; however, there are a few factors that differentiate them. Price lists only consist of the price and its model while the catalog is printed with pictures to accompany the prices, say for a restaurant's dishes. Catalogs aim to raise brand awareness. Price lists aim to present information about the product, such as pricing, quantities, measurement, and sales-related information. It primarily functions to sales.

2. Know What You Have to Offer

Prior to creating your price list, you would need to make an inventory of the products that your company is selling or maybe even renting out. Get the complete information and summarize it to include it in the list. If it's service, you can simply list it down. Gather your team to discuss the pricing. You can use a sheet for this process.

3. Rough Draft

An important task you need to meet before creating the sample list is coming up with a rough draft of what your price list would look like. Create a series of maybe three to five rough drafts so you can plan the layout. This will also help you group similar products or services accordingly. Mark the areas so you will know where you can attach the images (if you decide to add them, make sure it doesn't overshadow the list) and where you can place the items.

4. Creating the Price List

This part is more or less when you create the visual layout for your price list. You can use the likes of Adobe Illustrator to create the visuals that you need. You have the option to use images or vector illustrations. If you decide on the former, you need to select high-quality images. It's best to use photos you've taken yourself so that your daily customers can get a glimpse of what you're offering. Vector illustrations are best suited for services.

5. Review and Revise

When you're finished, you should take some time to review your to-do or price list. Make sure that your elements are placed according to how you planned and fix any errors you think you've made, whether it's in the visuals or the content.

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