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8+ Donation List Templates

For all those who need donations, whether you are running a charity or running for office, we have a bunch of free tools that will make your life so much easier. Premium samples of items such as donation lists and donations sheets, easily downloadable and ready for printing, is one more step to making your next fundraiser a definite winner.

Ultimate Donation List Template

59+ FREE LIST Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Excel, Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Apple Numbers

Organ Donation List Template | The organ donation list template features the timeline of medical and legal advances in organ transplantation. It comes in a tabular form providing two separate columns for medical advances and legal advances. Separate columns are provided to you so that timeline may represent all information clearly.

Charity Checklist Template | The charity checklist template features the document checklist for your help. It provides you with a list of all documents which are required while donation and you can easily just tick (check) the ones you are having and by the end, you will be having all of them. The list is divided into two parts namely small grants checklist and medium and large grants checklist for your convenience.

PTO Donation List Template |  The PTO donation list template provides you with a list of events and fundraisers in a chronological order which makes it convenient for keeping the record. You can also add description of funds if you want. This template is amazingly simple to maintain as well as to use.

Donate to Charity List Template |  The donate to charity list template depicts the checklist for donors to consider before they make donations. There are a few questions provided in it along with the answers in order to make it convenient for donor to fully understand their purpose. This checklist is well formatted and proves to be very helpful before donations.

Sample Donation List Template

Donation List Template Free Download

Example Donation List Template

It’s all in the presentation, and these carefully created examples look amazing and work incredibly well. Keep track of everything that your organization needs, and let your supporters know exactly how they can help you on the way to success. See more List Templates

Why is the Donation List Template Needed?

The donation list template is needed for drafting the donation list which helps in keeping the record of all the donations you have received or made in a particular time of period. It is very important to keep this record in order to have information about all donations. It becomes quite tough sometimes to keep this record especially if you get or make a large number of donations and then this template comes to your rescue for helping you out in drafting the list properly with the help of format it provides to you.

When is the Donation List Template Needed?

The donation list template is needed at the time when you want to keep the record of donations. This template not only provides you with space for writing the donation amount and date but also you can add a brief description about the donation if you want to.  It is needed to maintain an organised record of donations having all vital information in it and the one with the help of which you can easily get all the information about it at once. Separate columns are also provided in it for filling the information which makes it organised and clear.

> Benefits of the Donation List Template

By downloading donation list template, you get many benefits like it helps you in keeping record of all donations whether you have made them or received, therefore, it is helpful for donors as well as receivers both. The donation record keeping becomes extremely easy with the help of this template as it provides you with format of list which needs to be followed and you are just required to fill in the details needed in it like the total amount of donation, date on which donation was made or received, mode of receiving donation, type of donation etc. All this helps you to have all relevant information about it. Also, it helps you in saving your time and efforts as these templates are reusable and you can use them every time you need to prepare donation list. The donation list template helps you in clearly understanding the concept before you make any donations. There are also some options available for you in it in order to provide you with various choices to choose from. All these templates are simple to download as well as to use. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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