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Every organization, company, and any kind of group has a goal they wish they can achieve in the short and long run. It is clear that if a group works together cohesively, they have a much better chance of achieving the smart goal. But what is the base or the first step into getting that goal in the future? That is through proper planning which leads them to have a meeting with one another.

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Meetings can help make or break a team. It can help a team if the things being agreed upon the meeting were followed, but if it has not been followed, there will be some issues arising. The things that were agreed upon are documented in the minutes of the meeting.

In this article, we will be explaining to you a simple minutes of a meeting. There will also be templates around the article that you can view to have a better picture of what it can possibly look like. We will also be discussing the importance of minutes in a meeting so that you would not be deemed ignorant if you are being asked to do one for a particular time with your organization or company.

Simple Minutes in a Meeting

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Minutes Format

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Board Meeting Minutes

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Minutes in a Meeting and Its Corresponding Parts

In this part, we will define the general term of minutes in a meeting and discuss its parts thoroughly. Take note of the following if you have been assigned to do the minutes in a meeting and you have not done one before. A minute in a meeting is defined as a document where the things being discussed and agreed upon in the meeting are taken note of and summarized. This kind of document is written by the secretary of the company or anyone who was appointed by a high ranking officer in the company to do the work if the secretary and the assistant secretary would be absent in the meeting. You may also see meeting minutes templates.

The one being assigned should know how to paraphrase fast and get only the key points to save ink and time. This might take time to achieve but a challenge worth taking to build a faster sense of thinking and initiative that can help you in the future. You may also see board meeting minutes templates.

If you have truly understood the meaning of minutes in a meeting, let us now go to the parts of this type of important document in a company or organization. Make sure you take note of this as these are the are the parts of general minutes in a meeting and that they could also guide you if ever you get to assigned to do this specific task. You may also see business meeting minutes templates.

1. Heading

This is the first part that one should take note of. The heading is basically where you put the agenda or topic at hand, the name of the committee, the date, where the meeting is taking place and the time the meeting had begun. You may also see staff meeting minutes templates.

2. Attendance

The one being assigned to do the minutes in the meeting will be responsible for taking note of who attended the meeting and the people who did not. It is also good if you include the reason why some were absent or even late. You can also put the time they went to the office or meeting place. This means you have to be there earlier than expected to take note of the ones arriving. You may also see team meeting minutes templates.

3. Action items

In this section of the document, the secretary has to take note what agendas or topics were discussed and who the persons discussing the topic were. He or she has to also note if there was any agreement or decision being finalized. You may also see safety meeting minutes templates.

4. Announcement

This is the part where you would take note of some announcements made by one person in the committee about what the next meeting would be about. You may also see construction meeting minutes templates.

5. Next meeting

In this part, the secretary has to document who will be assigned to look for a venue, the temporary date, and place of the next meeting that has been agreed on by everyone in the committee or being decided by the boss or the HR manager. Make sure the document would be accurate so that the other people who were absent in the meeting would take note of it.

6. Adjournment

This is where you place the time the meeting had officially ended and included the number of hours and minutes the meeting had taken place. You may also see project meeting minutes templates.

7. Signature line

In this section, this is where the one responsible for the minutes or the secretary would affix his signature in his or her name, in the end, to signify responsibility in everything that is written in the minutes of the meeting document. You may also see free meeting minutes templates.

Committee Meeting

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Minutes Guidelines

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Board of Directors Meeting Minute

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Importance of Minutes in the Meeting

In this last section, we will be enumerating to you the reasons why this kind of document is truly important to every company or organization. We highly encourage you to take note of the following so that you will understand the value of minutes in a meeting. You might also want to research more about it to give you a full grasp of its importance to a company or an organization’s members. You may also see minutes templates.

We encourage you to research because these days, people can learn faster with the help of the internet. Back in the days, it was just books and libraries that provided people information to their curious questions about anything that exists in life. Having the initiative to research makes you a person eager to be motivated and learn to brand new things that might come your way in one’s time. You may also see club meeting minutes templates.

Having to learn things that are way out of your comfort zone can give you additional knowledge which will help you in the short and long runs in your life. With that being mentioned already, let us now go to the importance of minutes in a meeting that every secretary should know about:

1. They move the action plan into action. A purpose of a meeting is often for the purpose of action – action to take place to solve problems that the organization might currently be facing or to take action on new projects. A meeting is made up of idealists; leaders offer their opinions about a particular thing and always tries to offer solutions to a present problem. Being collaborative to result in them in taking their opinions into actions.

2. Responsibilities being recalled. Responsibility is a big factor in a company. It can either make or break the team’s goal. Putting the people who are assigned to do a specific task after the meeting is important so that they will remember their responsibilities. It also helps the members remember who was assigned to do a particular task and etc. If one is not responsible, this will leave a bad impression not only to the committee but of his co-employees or member in the company or organization. You may also see shareholder meeting minutes templates.

3. Ownership.  This has the same meaning as tor responsibility in the depiction of results in a vote in the meeting. This will help one determine which voted for who and why. This can also help the persons who voted protected under law if a legal action or a lawsuit was filed to the opposing voters. The individual can be protected if one did not cast a vote or had chosen to abstain when the voting was taking place. The people who were also absent cannot claim ownership as long as they did not cast their votes via email or text message. Lawsuits will arise if certain agreements were deemed illegal and inappropriate for some. You may also see simple meeting minutes templates.

Those being mentioned are the basic importance of writing the minutes of a meeting. Use that information to guide you if ever you get the chance to be assigned to write minutes in a meeting someday by your company or organization. Make sure you know how to summarize things up and never, and we mean neer, make things up that were formed by your own views and opinions.  Do not ever be biased in writing especially if you have a close friend in the meeting and you instead put his opinion as to the most agreed action plan to take. You may also see best meeting minutes templates.

Being the secretary is one huge responsibility. You might think your role is just plain to write has been discussed, but it is much more than that. The information you have written will be handy in reminding people of their responsibility and the steps to take the company higher based on the agreements and solutions made by the committee of the company. This kind or position develops your critical thinking and vocabulary skills since you will be paraphrasing a lot and thinking of synonyms that can replace a long word being mentioned in the meeting. Do not take that position for granted and make use of it wisely. It might be a challenge at first, but the things that bring you happiness in the future do not come easy in the beginning. You may also see Microsoft word minute templates.

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