13+ Project Meeting Minutes Templates – DOC, PDF, Excel

A project is a resultant outcome of collective approach. It is therefore necessary to acquire the guidance and knowledge of the staffs while performing a project. Such meetings should have some written proof stating the members who attended as well as the agenda. The board meeting minutes template will give the Secretary to perform his duty effectively.

Project Meeting Minutes Template

project-meeting-minutes-template Download

Formal Meeting Minutes Template to Print

formal-meeting-minutes-template-to-print Download

Printable Construction Meeting Minutes Template

printable-construction-meeting-minutes-template Download

Business Meeting Minutes Template to Edit

business-meeting-minutes-template-to-edit Download

Construction Progress Meeting Minutes Template

construction progress meeting minutes template

wright.edu | This sample PDF is a Construction Progress Meeting Minutes Template which includes agenda guidelines, a ready to use sheet for noting weekly progress and minute format.

Construction Project Meeting Minutes Template Free Download

construction project meeting minutes template

kmdconstruction.net | A Word Doc which contains tables dedicated to recording meeting details, contractor and contract details, participants, job status, job/item description etc. to keep a comprehensive track of construction progress.

Education Project Meeting Minutes Template

education project meeting minutes template

drake.edu | This Word Doc sample is best suited for Education Projects and comes with multiple tables to record details of conference calls, duration of meeting, attendance details, reasons of absence, progress of project etc.

Example of Project Meeting Minutes Template

example of project meeting minutes

agr.mt.gov | A gorgeous PDF doc with multiple tables for project details, attendees, meeting objectives, agenda, decisions, notes and action details. The incorporation of Excel tables makes the format uncluttered and better organized.

Project Management Meeting Minutes Template

project management meeting minutes template

processmaps.com | This Minutes of Meeting template comes with editing options to replace the demo names, demo location details, demo times, participant details and agenda items. Attachment details can also be included during the editing process at the footer region

Project Meeting Minutes Template

project meeting minutes template

aneesha.ceit.uq.edu.au | A simple and comprehensive template in table format which has the potential to record all details of the meeting objectives, attendance, decisions, issues, actions taken and next meeting details for all project management departments and companies.

Project Outline Minutes Meeting Template

project outline minute meeting template


Project Standards Development Meeting Template

project standards development meeting template


Sample Project Meeting Minutes Template

sample project meeting minutes template


University Project Meeting Minutes Templates

university project meeting minutes templates


The meeting minutes templates are available in several formats such as Word and Excel and are easily accessible. The PDF samples help you in achieving a content that is requisite like the agenda, actions planned and taken etc. it should be kept in mind that the minutes must include what had been done in the meeting and not the words uttered by the members of the meeting. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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