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Meetings are essential to a group or to an organization. Meetings are held for the sake of addressing concerns, strategic planning, thinking of solutions to answer a particular problem/s and analysis of monthly reports. These are being conducted by the core people in the organization but it can also be applicable to a group of employees who have a big project at hand with a deadline.

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As the meetings are taking place, there is the presence of discussion. Discussion can range from suggestions to questions, to statements, argumentation and finally, sample agreements. With all the things at hand, one cannot simply memorize it all, especially if the meeting was 2 to 3 hours long. So how can a group recall what has been discussed and agreed on? They have to rely on the minutes of the meeting.

In this article, we will be talking about what a formal minute in a meeting is. After which, we will be discussing the parts that make up the whole document that is used in meetings. Lastly, we will be giving you tips on how to paraphrase fast. You might also want to take a look at the templates we have provided here in this article, This can help you have a better view on what other essential parts the minutes in a meeting document has. If you are assigned to do the minutes in a meeting for your team, you have to take note of the following things that will be discussed here to guide you in this new challenge of your life.

Formal Board Meeting Minutes

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Sample Meeting Minutes

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Meeting Minutes Sample

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Sample Open Market Meeting Minutes

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School Council Meeting Minutes Template

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Task Force Meeting Minutes Sample Template

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The definition of minutes in a meeting and with its parts

Let us try to imagine a situation like this: You are planning with your team on the most convenient date you guys can all be present at the same time to have a meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and finalize the program for an upcoming event that is due in 2 months. Once everything has been solved, one would ask the question: “Who will take the minutes in the meeting?” You may also see sample club meeting minutes templates.

To your surprise, you get elected by everyone to write the minutes in the meeting because you have the best handwriting and they trust you that much to handle that task which you have never done. So the first thing you would do is ask yourself what is a minute in a meeting? You may also see school meeting minutes templates.

To answer that question, A minutes in a meeting is a kind of document where you write the overall gist of a particular concern being discussed or getting the most important parts of the meeting like what was being agreed and who voted for what and what not. This means that once the meeting is already starting, you, the one being assigned to do the specific task, will write and take note of the important things being addressed. You may also see project meeting minutes templates.

Now, if you have read and understood the paragraphs above, now it is time for you to know the essential parts that are supposed to be present in this kind of document. Again we encourage you to take note of the following as this will come handy in the future if ever you are assigned to do this kind of task. You may also see annual meeting minutes templates.

1. The Heading

This is the first part of it all. In this part, you will write the agenda or the topic/s to be discussed at hand as well as include the name of the committee, where the meeting is taking place and what time it will begin and on what date. You can also take note if the meeting started earlier than expected or a little bit late. You may also see safety meeting minutes samples.

2. The Attendance

If you are assigned to do the minutes in the meeting, then you have to be prepared to check their attendance. In order or you to have no problems in checking the attendance, you have to be there earlier than the other members. Check the attendance right away and ask if they are going to attend the meeting the whole day or will they choose to leave at a particular time. You may also see informal minutes templates.

3. The Action items

In this part of the document, the one being assigned to do the minutes in the meeting has to take note the agendas or the topics that were discussed and who discussed those topics and who gave out their concerns and opinions.  He or she has to take note the agreements being made and the necessary steps to take in order to uphold that decision. You may also see shareholder meeting minutes templates.

4. Announcement

The one being assigned to do the minutes in the meeting has to take note if there are any other further announcements and its details. You do not have to worry about this because the announcements tend to be short and clear and would have follow-up details via email.

5. The Next meeting

In this part of the document, you will place here the next planned meeting and the temporary place, date and time and who should be in attendance. You can also put who are assigned to finalize the place and what beverages or snacks should be served and what are the potential things they can discuss that day. The discussion can range from new topics or to have a report on the results of the action plan in the last meeting. You may also see informal meeting minutes templates.

6. The Adjournment

This is where the one being assigned to do the minutes of the meeting can finally rest because all he or she has to do is to write the time of the day the meeting ended. He or she has to announce to the group the time they have called an adjournment already. He or she can also announce that after summarizing what was being discussed and agreed in the meeting. You may also see a team meeting minutes templates.

7. The Signature line

For this part of the document, you will finally affix your signature on your name to signify responsibility that you have summarized the meeting honestly and without bias or change of agreements and that all of the information that is present is true and not altered in some way or another. You may also see committee meeting minutes templates.

Professional Meeting Minutes

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Sample Minutes Format

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Organization Meeting Minutes

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Consultancy Meeting Minutes Template
>consultancy meeting minutes template 788x1020 monash.edu


Formal Elementary Meeting Minutes Sample

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Formal FDA Meeting Minutes

formal fda meeting minutes 788x1020 fda.govDownload

How to paraphrase fast

Having the responsibility to cover and summarize an important meeting is no easy task. In fact, it can also be exhausting having to listen and get the gist of it all as fast as you can. You also have to make sure that everything being said is correct and without any error. So how can one possibly get that information intact and fast with the longevity of the meeting? Luckily for you, we can give you tips on how to paraphrase fast. You may also see how to write a meeting minutes.

If you are already good with the English language and grammar, you would not be having a hard time summarizing things up. But if you are not yet good with your English skills, you might find this responsibility hard but it is never too late to go the basics and start over again. Learn to love learning. When you love learning, it pushes you to succeed and apply what you learn. There are necessary steps you have to complete before you face other responsibilities or challenges such as this. You may also see meeting minutes templates.

Now that you have understood the context in the last paragraph, let us now go and show you the tips on how to paraphrase fast in a meeting without missing out the important information that was being discussed and agreed upon. You may also see business meeting minutes templates.

Here are the following tips:

1. Use your own words. This simply means that you try to summarize what they have said in your own words. Toa void writing what they said, use synonyms but be careful not to lose the gist of it all. As much as possible, make it smaller than of what they said. You may also see simple meeting minutes templates.

2. If you are writing the exact words that people have said in the meeting, place them in quotation marks. This is to be treated as evidence that the one saying that particular statement takes responsibility and can be reviewed if he or she neglects or does not remember that he or she has stated such statement. You may also see board meeting minute templates.

3. Cite the person. Even if you are the one paraphrasing something a person said, it is best to cite his or her name to give him or her ownership of those words or ideas. You may also see project meeting minutes templates.

4. Write only the important parts. This does not mean you would write all of the things being discussed, but what we mean by this is that to make you paraphrase faster, paraphrase the end discussion or arguments and conclusion of a particular topic. You can include the small parts of it all but whats important is that you focus on the end results and agreements and to why they were the ones being chosen. You may also see free meeting minutes templates.

Those are basically the tips of how you can paraphrase fast. Do note that you might have your lapses and might get corrected in the process, but take and accept that as a challenge to do better. Always remember that mastering a skill can never be done overnight or even for a day or 2. Constant practice brings you there and if you have the determination and the eagerness to learn to guide you throughout the process. You may also see staff meeting minutes templates.

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