27+ Sample Minutes of Meeting Templates

The minutes of meeting of a particular organization needs to be carefully preserved to aid in future decisions as well as keep in track of things that need to be addressed for the proper functioning of the organization. In this respect you would be aided a lot by using our collection of minutes of meeting sample templates as well as our free meeting minutes templates.

Sample Staff Meeting Minutes Template



Informal Meeting Minutes Templateinformal-meeting-minutes-template

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Sample Minutes of Meeting Template


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Project Meeting Minutes Template


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Sample School Meeting Minutes Template


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Simple Meeting Minutes Template


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Sample Business Meeting Minutes Template


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Board Meeting Minutes Template


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Sample Club Meeting Minutes Template


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Sample Minutes of Meeting Template in Pages for Mac

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Printable Board Meeting Minutes Template

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Construction Meeting Minutes Template to Edit

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Corporate Meeting Minutes Template

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Committee Meeting Minutes Template in Doc

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Simple Business Meeting Minutes Template

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Staff Minutes of Meeting Template to Print

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Annual Meeting Minutes Word Template

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Club Meeting Minutes Template

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Project Meeting Minutes Template

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Team Meeting Minutes Template

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Minutes of Meeting of Directors Template in iPages

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Sample Minutes of Meeting Master Template in Word

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Project Status Meeting Minutes

nova.edu | A well executed meeting ends with precisely and clearly recorded the meeting minutes. A successful project manager always has meeting minutes set and allotted within 24 hours of having met. Project meeting minute not only outline what was argued or discussed and permit upon the meeting, but also includes list of action items. It is necessary that action items are recorded and allotted quickly so that assignees have more time to pursue action items.

Agenda & Minutes Template

eduweb.vic.gov.au | These are historic types of documentation minutes taken at a merited meeting for which there is an agenda. An agenda either allotted before the meeting or disclosed by the director at the beginning and minutes have to pursue the structure set by the agenda. These are highly functional, complex and formal documents are usually taken by professional minute takers.

Informal Meeting Minutes Template Format

Most of team meetings do not require amplified minutes. Informal minutes outline decision taken and responsibilities. Ordinarily, these meetings are broadcast to all the members who attended the meeting and even to those who are interested but unable to attend the meeting. These documentations are sometimes originated using simple template.

Minutes Meeting for Project

Minutes Meeting for Project has a boxed layout that makes the document’s contents easy to grasp. The meeting details are at the top, objectives in the middle and attendance at the bottom.  

Minutes of Meeting Sample

Minutes of Meeting Sample is in the form of pointers with members present, absent, agenda items 1, 2, 3, etc. The simple design and layout will fit into any organization.

Minutes of Meeting Template

Minutes of Meeting Template is detailed and yet minimalist in it’s approach. Get this sample to have a through, effective meeting that leaves nothing out. The details are just right and sufficient.

This collection of templates covers wide areas of usability; be it for a large company, small businesses or even school faculty meetings. The layouts are designed pragmatically in order to help you classify and categorize the relevant points debated in the meetings with graphical and tabular approaches to preserving and highlighting key aspects. See more meeting minutes template


Minutes are important particulars that can’t avoid if they want to withdraw their tax return. It describes the action of the board and consider as legal records by the auditor. Even though there is no standardized formation for meeting minutes, the courts consider it important that efforts are made to record the fact of meetings. It provides proper structure. So therefore it is necessary to sure that the minute taker describes how board members arrives at reasonable decision.the minute taker also include name, date and time of the meeting and also the list of persons who attended the meeting.


It shows good outlining and commitments while normally people forget what was said in the meeting. Notes emphasize good communication and so it saves most businesses of their SG&A costs. Meeting minutes are great way to practice by putting content into bullets, categories and making it easy to understand.

How to create minutes Minutes known as protocol or informal note. It is a documentation of the meeting. It describes whatever happens in a meeting in a written form and also includes the attendance of members and issue of participate and decision related to it. Minutes are generally created during a meeting by a receptionist or typist who may use longhand noting and then fill in minutes and then distribute them to the participant later. Willingly the minutes can be audio recorded, video recorded or informally appoint assistant may take notes with minutes disposed afterwards.

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All our documents are available in Word and PDF. Our templates have 99.99% success rate. Our documents hold a greater compatibility in all the versions. As we are customer oriented so fill free to recommend any changes further, we are very much obliged to customize the templates as per your requirement.

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