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A meeting of any body is crucial because it directly influences any sort of action/outcome depending on the role it plays. So it’s equally important to keep these meetings well documented, because they act as a legal document, they help in notifying other employees/members of the decisions taken and also help in facilitating teamwork among many other uses. Our meeting minutes templates will help you document the proceedings of the meetings with its well-designed format.

111+ FREE MEETING MINUTE Templates - Download Now Adobe PDF, Microsoft Word (DOC), Google Docs, Apple (MAC) Pages

Simple Church Meeting Minutes Template

church meeting minutes
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Simple Board Meeting Minutes Example

board meeting minutes1
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Annual General Meeting Minutes Template

annual general meeting minutes
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Sample Committee Meeting Minutes Template

sample commitee meeting
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> Board Meeting Minutes Template


A board meeting at any point of time is involved in taking crucial decisions pertaining to the body it governs. Thus it’s of paramount importance to record minutes of these meetings. Our Board Meeting Minutes Template will assist you in doing that with its well designed and crafted templates. (9+ Board Meeting Minutes Template)

Committee Meeting Minutes Template


Committee meetings directly influence the role it plays, and thus it’s of vital importance to keep a record of these minutes. Our Committee Meeting Minutes Templates come with designs specifically made to cater your needs and thus will help you in maintaining structure and categorize issues chronologically for future use. (8+ Committee Meeting Minutes Templates)

Minutes of Meetings Template


If you’re a stickler for details and paperwork, then surely when you must be going for meetings, you’d be making use of meeting minutes. They are very useful in documenting the activities and discussions which go on during a meeting. Meeting minutes are great for reference. The templates we have here are available in different designs, layouts and formats. (7+ Minutes of Meeting Template)

Project Meeting Minutes Template


When it comes to discussing projects in detail in meetings, a project meeting minutes document is a must. Especially if you’re in the interior design or architecture field, keeping tabs on all the action that takes place in a meeting is impossible. Best solution: download a project meeting minutes template and put it to good use! (7+ Project Meeting Minutes Template)

Business Meeting Template


A business meeting among other functions take decisions regarding the production, employee management and administrative policies. Thus it’s important to keep these minutes well documented. Use our Business Meeting Template which will act as a legal document and also will help you in structuring and resolving all issues addressed in the meetings. (5+ Business Meeting Minutes Template)

Staff Meeting Minutes Template


Staff meetings preside over decisions such as employee pay scale, union, canteen infrastructure among many others. It’s easy to forget such details under work pressure. So use our Staff Meeting Minutes Template to document these meetings for future use, to let other absent staff members know the decisions taken during the meeting. (6+ Staff Meeting Minutes Template)

Construction Meeting Minutes Template


Construction sector, the meetings are all centered on getting updates on one or more of the construction projects. Also at times there are tiffs amongst the laborers, meetings are called to resolve their issues and establish better communication between the laborers. Important decisions are also taken with regards to future projects and much more!  (7+ Construction Meeting Minutes Template)

Team Meeting Minutes Template


Jot down the decisions chronologically, taken during a team meeting with our team meeting minutes template. These templates will help you in addressing the problem at hand; will also help you in facilitating coordination among team members. Use these templates for getting the best out of the team meetings. (5+ Team Meeting Minutes Template)

Corporate Meeting Minutes Template


In the corporate spaces, meetings are usually a very big deal. Either it is a departmental meeting all an open-for-all forum which all employees of all departments are expected to attend. Such meetings usually discuss company’s goals and aspirations, employee welfare and much more. In such cases, where the list of subjects tabled is comprehensive, it makes sense to use a corporate meeting minutes template. (7+ Corporate Meeting Minutes Template)

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Template


The board of directors of any governing body takes decisions which directly have an impact on it. Thus for any board meeting it is imperative to catalogue these decisions taken. Our board of directors meeting minutes template with its well designed format will help you in doing just that. (8+ Board of Directors Meeting Minutes Template)

School Meeting Minutes Template


Meetings in schools usually comprise of teachers, administrative heads, department heads, managers and other office bearers. They convene to discuss and take some solid decisions on pressing matters of the school. It is required that all contents discussed in school meetings be duly recorded for future purposes. For which purpose, you must download and use a School Meeting Minutes Template.. (8+ School Meeting Minutes Template)

Club Meeting Minutes Template


Catalogue all the decisions taken regarding the club with our club meeting minutes template. These templates come with spaces, rows and columns which will help you in jotting down the addressed issue with ease. They act as an archive and help you to grasp the details even if you are not present. (6+ Club Meeting Minutes Template)

How to Make The Best Use Of Meeting Minutes

Perfect meeting minute will involve 5 major steps:

  • Pre-Planning of Recording Minutes
  • Comprehensive Record taking – at the time of the meeting
  • Minutes writing, also called transcribing
  • Distributing and sharing the meeting minutes
  • Filing, archiving, and storage the minutes for reference

Before starting to take notes, it is absolutely necessary to understand about the information type that you will be required to record during the meeting. There may well be some specified format as per organization standards to follow.

However, meeting minutes mostly include these steps:

  • Date as well time of the meeting
  • Participant names
  • Those who were unable to attend the meeting
  • Comparison with previous meeting minutes in terms of acceptance or amendments
  • Decisions made about every single agenda item
  • Actions taken or agreed to be taken
  • Steps to be taken
  • Outcome of the vote (details should be included)
  • Rejected motions or the ones been taken
  • The list of items that needs to be held over
  • New businesses
  • Forth coming meeting dates and time

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