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Meetings are held for numerous reasons. It is where people can discuss, present, and analyzes matters that are going on in the company. But the thing is, meetings are not only limited to companies alone, it can also happen in an organization, youth organizations, school organizations and government agencies. Practically, meetings can be held anywhere as long as it involves people with high positions leading an organization or a group. You may also see business meeting minutes templates.

Therefore we could say that meetings are important for any organization or group. Meetings can usually last from 5 minutes to 2 hours depending on how urgent or important the agenda of the meeting is. With this in hand, it is then vital to gain the important information for the 2-hour session. So how can someone remember the things being discussed? It is through the meeting minutes.

This article will talk about the basic definition of meeting minutes. Templates will also be provided to give you a better view of the different parts that are present in this kind of document. Finally, we will be enumerating and explaining to you the general parts that makeup of a meeting minutes document. We will only be showing you the basic and it is up to you if you want to research more on potential parts that can be included to further enhance the document’s clarity.

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Basic Meeting Minutes

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Sample Format of Meeting Minutes

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Sample Minutes Template

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Understanding the Definition

Before we can discuss the parts of the basic meeting minutes document, let us first try to understand and comprehend the meaning of this term. Take note that it is not wise to jump into something without fully knowing what that thing is because this can lead to confusion and misunderstanding in the future. Misinformation can affect you and the people around you if you are not corrected right away.

Meeting minutes are basically documentation that is written by someone who is appointed by a high ranking officer to take down notes and make a summary report of the important parts in the whole duration of the meeting. This happens when the secretary is absent or has filed an excuse prior to the said meeting.

The one appointed must study and know in time how to paraphrase fast and take down keynotes as the meeting is being conducted. One should prepare the summary in a way that it can be understood and is accurate to what actually transpired. This skill can take time to improve especially if you are new to this kind of field or when the arguments are so fast that you would not know which is important and which is not. You may also see board meeting minutes templates.

If you are not familiar with this kind of profession but want to give it a try, then do it. No one is stopping you. If you try this, your boss can have a good impression on you and can sense that you are a person who is willing to try new things in order to learn and be part of their growth. But this does not also mean that you have to get every opportunity. Take time and pick the ones you think you can do with a little bit of effort. You may also see school meeting minutes templates.

President’s Cabinet Meeting

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Council Meeting Minutes

council meeting minutes

The Basic Parts of the Meeting Minutes

If you have fully understood what was said in the last paragraph, it is now time for you to know what are the parts of a meeting minutes document. In this article, however, we will only be showing you the basic meeting minutes parts. Every company and organization has their basic outlines of what the minutes of the meeting should be made of. To narrow it all down, again, we will only give the basics. These are the basic parts of a meeting minutes document:

1. Heading

This includes the agenda or the topic or topics being discussed, the name of the committee, the specific date and time the meeting had taken place. Never forget to write this down. You may also see committee meeting minute templates.

2. Attendance

This is where you take note of who was present at the meeting and who were not. It is also recommended that you should state the reason for the absences of some members if they have already sent you a letter notifying that they will be absent for a particular reason. The time they have arrived can also be included. This is to identify who were early and late. This also means that the one assigned to do the minutes should be the first to be there in the office or at least be there before the meeting ever starts. You may also see free meeting minutes templates.

3. Important Notes

This pertains to the actual writing of the discussions being carried out. For one to give a good summary, only include the important deliberations and agreements made by the company and make sure to write the name of whoever gave a particular suggestion that got approved. It is also handy if you bring a recorder in case you can rewrite your summary if you were wrong in one particular information you had written in the summary. You may also see meeting minutes samples.

4. Next Meeting

Take note when the next proposed meeting will take place. Also, note who suggested when and where the next meeting would be and who is assigned to be responsible for reserving the venue and preparing for the snacks and all. You may also see annual meeting minutes templates.

5. Adjournment

In this section of the document, you have to state what time the meeting ended and mention how many hours the meeting was overall. You may also see staff meeting minutes templates.

6. Signature Line

This is where the one who is responsible for taking down the minutes of the meeting, would affix his or her signature and the date that the document was submitted to the HR or management office.

Those parts up there are the ones that makeup of a basic meeting minutes document. Writing one is truly a challenge especially if it is something new, but one has to recognize that something unfamiliar will never be easy at first. One has to realize that things take time to work and make their way around you.

Having this mindset can push someone to do more things out of his or her comfort zones which can lead to growth, the things that everyone can go through if they ever decide to choose that choice. Have that and pretty soon, you would be a skilled employee ready to be promoted to a higher level. In order to achieve that, follow the simple steps first. Remember that you can never jump your way to success and that you have to study and experience things that can help you get to that kind of position. You may also see corporate meeting minutes templates.

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