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Every corporation or company has a purpose. This is the very reason why there is a presence of a mission and vision within the company. It has heights it wants to achieve and wants to be something that can be beneficial for everyone especially its employees and how they can impact the world. You may also see Meeting Minutes Samples.

They want to achieve something or beat a competitor to make them the number one choice that the community would go to. While others want to compete, some just want to succeed in hopes that it can contribute greatly to a group. You may also see construction meeting minutes template.

All of the establishments we see around us whether big or small wants to achieve something. Success is not a stranger but that goes for failure too and for one way an organization or a company can succeed is by sheer luck (if you believe in it) and proper planning. Proper planning can be done through a meeting with your respective team or partners or your co-employees. You may also see business minutes templates.

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Sample Corporate Meeting Minutes Template

sample corporate meeting
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Now in this article, we will be telling you who records all the things being discussed in the meeting. After which, we will be enumerating the parts of that particular document. Lastly, we will be enumerating to you the tips on how one can summarize faster. So as a practice, you may get your own pen and notebook to take note of the following discussions. You may also see informal meeting minutes templates.

Corporate Minutes Manual

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Corporate Minutes of a Meeting Template

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Minutes of a Meeting Guide

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The minutes of a meeting and its parts

The one who takes notes of the things being discussed in the meeting is usually the secretary. There are also occasions if the secretary is absent, someone from the team would be the one assigned by a high ranking officer to do the taking down of notes in what is being discussed and agreed upon by as the meeting goes along. You may also see minutes templates.

The document that summarizes everything that has been discussed in the meeting is called the minutes of a meeting. A minute in a meeting is a kind of document one makes for the purpose of summarizing the whole agenda of a meeting. In the document, the things that are present are the agreements being made, options to consider and who stated that kind of suggestion, responsibilities of the people who were given a specific task and etc. all wrapped up and summarized in one paper or two.

This kind of document also has its parts and each of those parts is equally important. But you do have to take note that some of our templates present here have different or additional parts where we failed to mention. That is because, in this article, we will only be enumerating the general parts or the parts that are mostly found in all minutes of a meeting sample by different corporations.

Here are the following parts:

1. Heading

This part is where everything starts. This will be composed of the topics or agendas that will be tackled in the meeting. Do also include the name of the committee who will be part of the meeting. You can also include the address of the place of the meeting and what time it should start and it’s scheduled a time to end. You may also see nonprofit meeting minutes templates.

2. Attendance

If you are given the responsibility to take down the minutes of the meeting, then it is important for you to wake up early so that you can be there early. This helps you take note who arrived first and record their time and note if ever they are on time or late. You can also have the chance to ask those people, who have already asked permission to leave at an earlier time if their plan would push through or not. If so, please do remind them that they have to make a letter (if it is stated in the company’s policy) and submit it to the Human Resource Department.

3. Action items

This portion of the document is where you start writing the important details being suggested and agreed upon. In this part, you will also be writing who is responsible for handling certain tasks that were agreed and discussed at the meeting by the group. Writing down the assigned person of each response will give those persons no excuses if ever they forgot to do their duties. You should also write the names of the people whose suggestions were accepted and won by the majority of votes (if ever necessary). You may also see team meeting minutes templates.

4. Important announcements

Before the meeting would officially end, anyone from the group can make their final announcements. This can be about a particular event that is approaching in the meeting, or to announce some updates that might be coming to the corporation or employees or groups that are improving or not in the company. You may also see staff meeting minutes templates.

5. Next meeting

In this part of the document, you will write the potential topics or agendas that are expected to be tackled and discussed at the next meeting. You will also write the final venue (if agreed) at the next meeting and what time it is supposed to start and end. You can also write the names of the persons responsible for looking for a venue and the one responsible for acquiring sponsors for the next meeting. Take note also fo the date that they should submit the final date and sponsors to you so that you will have time to announce to everybody. You may also see free meeting minutes templates.

6. Adjournment

This is where the secretary or whoever is assigned to record the minutes of the meeting would write the time the meeting was officially adjourned. One thing you can also do is to check if the same people who attended in the morning are still there during the adjournment. You can also note who left early and were not present anymore in the adjournment. You may also see business meeting minutes templates.

7. Signature line

This is the final part of the document and all you have to do is affix your signature to claim responsibility in everything you have written and summarized in the paper of the meeting. You have to make sure that everything is true and that it’s free from biases or added words from you in order to avoid issues that may arise to the extent that you might lose your job as well. Many people have been fired because of manipulation of the content and the summary of a document and you do not want that to be part of their report if ever you are looking for another job and they find out what you did in your last job. You may also see recording meeting minutes tips.

Corporate Minutes of a Meeting Sample

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Shareholder Meeting Minutes Sample

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Longer Minutes of a Meeting Sample

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Full Corporate Minutes of a Meeting Template

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How to write the minutes of the meeting

In this last part of the article, we will be enumerating to you tips on how to properly write your minutes of the meeting. It will be a big advantage if you are already skilled in the English language and grammar. You will not have a hard time summarizing the content of the meeting.

But if you are not yet confident in your English skills, you can decline to be the one recording the minutes or better yet, make it as a training ground for you to learn something new and out of your comfort zone. You may also seecommittee meeting minutes templates.

Never be ashamed to relearn something again or learn something new for learning never stops and it does not matter what age you are in as long as you get to learn and put your time and effort in it too. You may also see meeting minutes formats.

With that being cleared out, here are the following tips on how to write the minutes of the meeting:

1. Write their name

If ever someone makes an interesting suggestion that mostly all of the people were interested in, whether it was approved or not, include it and write their name down sot hat they might remember who said who and who debated against their suggestion. This would show their ownership in their opinions and should be in the documents that everyone in the meeting would know and remember. You may also see board meetings.

2. Write down word for word

What we mean by this are the motions, resolutions, amendments, decisions, and the end conclusion of it all. Make sure you get every piece of information right and ask if ever you have some clarifications. You may also see church meeting minutes templates.

3. Approved or not

Take note of the suggestions being approved by the committee ad which were not also. This is important because maybe when you start telling them the summary of the meeting, they might reconsider their decision and have a votation again. You may also see annual meeting minutes templates.

4. The assignments to do

Write the people who have a task to do in the coming days ahead and their deadline for their completion (if ever it is necessary). This will enable everyone to know who is doing what and check their progress from time to time and call to attention if something is not being done yet. You may also see safety meeting minutes samples.

These are basic tips that one can use when he or she is writing the minutes in the meeting. The core of it all is that you should know how to paraphrase what you have written and make sure it still has the same thought.  If you have a command of the English language, writing the minutes will be as easy as ever.

But before everything comes easy, you have to face the hardships first and that is through reading, understanding, and applying what you had understood. Always try to apply whatever you have understood to give it its full meaning and give you a sense of fulfillment afterward. You may also see shareholder meeting minutes templates.

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