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In every organization and company, there are members that make up the population. There are also officers who lead those members into enhancing their personal and performance development. Organizations are present not only to the ones who are working but also to students too. Meetings are an integral activity in an organization. They are conducted to make sure that those kinds of activities, goals, and objectives will be met and challenged by the members of the organization or company. Since meetings usually last about an hour or more, the only way for them to recall what they have thoroughly discussed is by the minutes the appointed person has made.

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In this article, we will talk about what minutes are. If you are a secretary who has no experience at all in the field of taking up minutes, we will be providing you templates to guide you. Not only that, we will also be providing the general parts of a meeting’s minutes. We will also be providing why making the minutes of the meeting is important and how to take notes quicker and longer. So stick around and learn a two or three from us as we will give you the best information possible to help you if ever you are given the responsibility to make the minutes of a meeting.

Sample Minutes Template

sample minutes template

President’s Cabinet Meeting

presidents cabinet meeting 1

Meeting Minutes

meeting minutes 1

General Definition

To understand the parts of something, one must first understand what that thing really is. That logic applies to this article too. Let us first understand what is the general definition of minutes in a meeting and then discuss its parts with their explanation. Do not worry, it is quite simple. A minute of a meeting is a documentation that was written or typed by a point person who was, of course, present in the meeting. This means that the things being said and actions did were being recorded. But do note that not everything in a meeting has to be recorded. That would be too exhausting. You may also see business meeting minute templates.

Only the important and relevant parts of an organization or team meeting is necessary to be documented and recorded. The one assigned to do the minutes of the meeting has to be fast and good in giving a summary fast still in a way that the ones present in the meeting will understand. This can take time especially if you are a newbie into this responsibility of being a secretary when the time calls for it. Often, the secretary makes the minutes of the responsibility. Only when occasion where the secretary is absent that the head can assign someone to do the minutes then and there or before the meeting starts. You may also see simple business meeting minutes.

Council Meeting Minutes

council meeting minutes

Sample Board Meeting Minutes

sample board meeting minutes 1

The Parts of Minutes in a Meeting

Now that you have read the paragraph above, we hope that you have also understood clearly what the minutes of a meeting are. If you do, then good for you. This time, we will be discussing the parts of the documentation or report. Knowing the parts will guide you if ever you are assigned to do the minutes of an upcoming meeting. With the templates and this, you are one hundred percent guided and would find it easier now to do your minutes. As a practice, please do take note of the following. Get a pen and paper and write this down or try to make it shorter. These are the general parts of minutes in a meeting:

1. Heading

This pertains to the agenda or topic, the name of the committee, the date, location and the time in which the meeting had started. You may also see church meeting minutes templates.

2. Attendance

In this part of the documentation, the one responsible for recording what was being and said and done in the meeting should be able to put the ones who were present in the meeting and the ones who were not. The reason for being absent for the members who were not there can also be placed too especially if they asked to be excused days prior. You may also see corporate meeting minute templates.

3. Approval of the last meeting minutes

This is to determine if the minutes of the last meeting were approved and if there was a correction made.

4. Action items

This is the part where the secretary would take note what topics were discussed and who spearheaded the discussion and if whether or not there was a decision being made by the end of the discussion of the speaker or after the deliberation. You may also see informal meeting minute templates.

5. Announcement

It is where the secretary would state some of the participants in the meeting proposed agenda or topic to be discussed at the next meeting and collaboration. You may also see printable nonprofit meeting minute templates.

6. Next meeting

The temporary date and place (if ever not yet secured) of the next meeting that has been suggested by anyone in the group, most probably the HR or Manager if he or she is present at the time of the meeting. You may also see staff meeting minutes templates.

7. Adjournment

The time that the meeting ended. Place the specific time including the seconds of the adjournment.

8. Signature line

This is where the secretary or anyone who had the responsibility to make the minutes because he or she was assigned to do this specific task by a higher position, will put his name and the date that the minutes were submitted. You may also see project meeting minute templates.

Sample of Meeting Minutes

sample of meeting minutes 1

How To Write Minutes In a Meeting

how to write minutes in a meeting 1

Guidelines for writing the minutes in a meeting

Since you already have an idea (and hope understood the last paragraph) of makes up the minutes in the meeting document, it is now the time for you to find out the guidelines or tips in writing one especially when everything starts already. Remember, you have to be good in your listening skills and do not get distracted so easily that you might lose your focus and miss out the important pieces of information that were being discussed and deliberated. You may also see board meeting minutes examples.

Here are the tips for writing the minutes of the meeting:

1. The minutes should focus on the results and agreements of the topics being discussed by each speaker.

2. The minutes should be summarized. This is for the reason it would not be too long to read and understand. Whoever is responsible for the minutes should know how to paraphrase long statement and decisions and agreements and even disagreements when the meeting was still on. You may also see shareholder meeting minutes templates.

3. Write the minutes and distribute them a day or two. This is too avoid delay of information and prevent you from forgetting the other details that are deemed important in the discussions. It is better to write it while the memory is still fresh. You are going to be in big trouble if you procrastinate and not make it a priority. You may also see meeting minute samples.

4. Ask for qualifications. Let us face it, we are not superhumans who have special abilities like to pause and rewind things. As the one given responsibility to do the minutes of the meeting, do not hesitate to clarify things especially if it is about the agreements and results of the deliberation. It is your job to write the report and not make your own interpretation because you had forgotten the actual things they agreed on. You may also see safety meeting minutes templates.

5. Do not write the emotional exchanges between officers or participants. Remember you are writing the results and the agreements of the deliberation of a certain discussion. Make it look professional and do not depict it as sensational. You may also see minute writing templates.

Sample Format of Meeting Minutes

sample format of meeting minutes 1

First Meeting Minutes

first meeting minutes 1

Importance of Minutes in the Meeting

In this last part of the article, we will be giving you the reasons why the minutes of a meeting are important to every organization or company. If things are already clear to you, we still encourage you to read to give you a better understanding of the relevance of it all. But you can still have the choice to research more about it than to stop your learning here. You may also see corporate meeting minute templates.

Always be grateful that there is the internet where information is easily accessible. Use the things you have now or go traditional and go to the library or ask experts who have gone through this kind of responsibility. It is really up to your own choice and initiative if you are that eager to learn and have the motivation to not mess up a responsibility such as this one. You may also see free meeting minutes templates.

Additional knowledge will help you grasp and understand more not only to this kind of topic, but also other topics that we tackle and are curious about in life. With that being said and done, Here are some of the importance of minutes in a meeting that you should always take note of:

  • They drive the action plan. Since a meeting is often composed of the officers, leaders, idealist, suggesting an action plan to a particular challenge is always there. With a collaborative group, there can be a proper structure or procedure on how to get things done and make sure it is done.
  • Remembering the responsibilities. With the minutes serving as a documentation of a meeting, it is easy to recall who had the responsibility of a specific task after the deliberation and agreements while the meeting was still in progress. This will serve as an accountability tool and can go badly if ever one does not do his or her assigned task or responsibility well and could have a high risk of bad impression from the other members or officers in the organization or company. You may also see team meeting minute templates.
  • Ownership. This goes in handy, especially when a votation had taken place to a crucial topic or deliberation during the meeting. This will determine which person voted for what. With this, it can be identified which persons are protected under the law if any legal actions or lawsuits are filed to the opposing voters. If one had abstained from the voting or was even absent from the meeting itself, he or she will not be part and will not be included in the lawsuit. You may also see informal minutes templates.

Those are basically the importance of writing the minutes of a meeting in a company or organization. With all these information, remember that you have the responsibility to write what was being said and agreed upon and no more than that. Do not be biased in meeting situations with your company or organization as this might affect how you would write and present the minutes. If you decide to put words that were never said, this might spur controversy and issues between you and the board especially if they also have good listening and backtracking skills. If you get caught doing such acts, your career may be in jeopardy and you will possibly be fired from your job. You may also see board meeting minutes templates.

Do not waste your career and life just so that you could prove a point and mix the words up. Who would want their careers to be full of failures because of intended actions? If ever you would face this kind of failure, just accept it. Right after you accept it, find a way to redeem yourself by doing little things that could give a good impression to other people again who are high in a position of different companies. You may also see sample annual meeting minutes templates.

Next, make sure to not redo your mistakes especially if that past mistake was intentional. By this time, you have already made up for your previous mistake. Do not commit that again.With every battle in life, always try to give it you all by finding ways and solutions even if it looks unsolvable. Remember that there is always a way if you really want something to be done. Believe that you can achieve it even if the odds are stack up against you. Cliche may seem but it is true. You may also see club meeting minutes templates.

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