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One of the most basic skills not only that are handy in school, but also in life itself, is the ability to write. This is where we put our imaginations or thoughts into words. It is a skill because everybody has a unique touch to it. When we say touch, it means that we have our own handwriting thus affixing our ownership to that writing. It is beautiful how our mind can put into writing our thoughts on love, feelings, politics, and, on occasions, jokes. All aspects and kinds of writing take practice to truly be great. One kind is when you are writing for a business related matter.

In this article, we will be talking about the definition of an approval request letter. There will be templates present in this article to give you a better view of this kind of business letter. Lastly, we will be enumerating and explaining to you the parts of a request for approval letter or any kind of business letter. Get your pen and paper and take note of the following as this will be useful once you get to the job aspect of your life.

Request for Approval Letter Sample

Request for Approval Sample Letter

Purchasing Approval Request For Purchasing Goods

Purchasing Approval Request For Purchasing Goods

Request for Approval in change of Organizational Structure

Request for Approval in change of Organizational Structure

Request to Attend Approval Letter Sample

Request to Attend Approval Letter Sample

Request for Approval Template

Request for Approval Template

Approval Request Letter

An approval request letter is a kind of business letter that you make for the purpose of asking the one in charge to approve of a request that you have made.This kind of letter is common if you are requesting for a leave, vacation, payment in advance and etc to your manager or to the Human Resource Department.

To have an effective request letter for a better chance to get approved, the main point should be present early in the letter and most importantly, your reason must be valid at all costs. With these two, your request for approval letter will be approved in no time. So if you have gotten that already and understood it, you may now proceed to the next paragraph.

Sample Letter for Budget Request

Sample Letter for Budget Request

Request for overtime approval

Request for overtime approval

Suspension Request Approval Letter

Suspension Request Approval Letter

Ammendment Change Request Letter for Approval

Ammendment Change Request Letter for Approval

Request for Approval Example

Request for Approval Example

Parts of a Request Letter

In this section of the article, we will be introducing to you the parts of a request letter for approval. Take note that the parts of this letter are as similar as of any sample business letter or any formal letter for that matter. This will serve as a refresher article if you had forgotten the parts of a business letter.

You should know how to make a proper business letter format because it is usually and often the medium used to communicate with a high ranking official in the office. This might take time for some, who still has a hard writing correctly the English grammar, but the only way to overcome that and be good at it is through practice and being consistent with those practices. Once you have mastered it, making a request letter would be already easy for you.

1. Date

This is where you place the date on the intended date you will be submitting the letter to the person whom you are sending the letter to. You may also see request letter templates.

2. Inside Address

In this part, you will write the address of the receiver. You should first state the complete name, position in the office, address of the office and if applicable, the name of the room or department he is currently working. You have to make sure that all information there is correct to avoid a bad impression from the person you are sending the letter to. You may also see request letter template samples.

3. Greeting

This part of the letter is where you give the receiver a simple greeting. A greeting has to be professional yet welcoming in a way that it can still show good morale to the receiver. The greeting that we are about to enumerate can be found in the internet and you could also use to greet your bosses in the future or maybe even, your lover. These are the most common greeting by anybody in the professional world:

“Good Day!”

“Good Morning!”

“Dear Mr…”

“Dear Mrs…”

4. Body

This is where everything will start. What we mean by that is the purpose of you writing the letter. In any formal letter, it is important that you get to the point in order for the reader to know the purpose right away. Nobody ever wants to read a long letter with its purpose only at the end part of it. Since you are making a formal request letter for approval, state it in a way that is professional and yet not too demanding. If you are having a hard time thinking on how to construct it, we will be giving you an example and you may also refer to the templates that we have here in this article. You can try to follow or even expand this example:

Dear [Official’s Name],

I am writing this letter to request for your approval for the leave I applied for.

I wish to take a three-week leave to take care of my mother back home since she has been sick for a couple of months now. I promise that I will finish the tasks you have assigned to me before the day of my leave.

I have already informed my team to still work effectively as I will be away. I will be communicating with them from time to time via Facebook or email to check their progress report.

You can still reach me on my phone and email address as I would still be checking from time to time my email. I do hope you would consider my request and wish that you would fully understand the matter at hand.”

That is a pretty simple way to close a request for an approval letter. Just make sure you put in the important details and make it straight to the point. The lesser the sentiments, the better. The one in-charge of approving does not have the whole day to waste his time in reading your letter so better make it short and simple.

Having the letter too long can irritate some bosses and can often lead to disapproval especially if there is wrong grammar. That is why it is also important to review your grammar by someone if you are not that confident with yours. Learning how to write a good letter is hard and even hard to make it more convincing. Constant practice and researching more about how to write a request for approval letter is key. You may also see sample membership application letters.

5. Complimentary Close

In this part of the letter, this is where you would give it it’s ending. A complimentary close is a phrase which one would write to officially end the writing. The following are some of the most common complimentary close phrases used:

“Yours truly,”


“Sincerely yours,”

“Best wishes,”


Pick the right one you think fits your kind of letter you are going to pass to your HR department or any staff who gives it to the one who approves requests or not. You may also see free request letter samples.

6. Signature

Before you affix your signature, write your name. When its all done, affix your signature as this means you are signifying your ownership and take full responsibility for the letter. Once that is done, you are already done. All you have to do is pray for the best and then send your letter via email or personally. You may also see trasfer request letters.

Those being enumerated are the basic parts of any business offer letter, its body is just constructed in another way but still has the purpose to get to the main point at the beginning of the first paragraph. If you are having a hard time with the sentence construction and thought, better ask a good friend who is excellent in English to not do the writing for you, but instead to help you on how to write better. It is never a shame to learn something all over again because everybody has their own pace of learning.

Having someone to teach you one on one is sometimes the most effective way to learn because once you make a mistake, he or she can attend to you easily and correct you. This in turn saves time. Remember that once you get the hang of it, your confidence in this field would grow and give you confidence in making any other sample business letters in the future. avoid doing.

It is advisable to make your letter ahead of time especially if you are not that good at writing. You still have plenty of time to ask for help. But it is also important to send your letter earlier to not have the HR manager rushing his or her time to read your letter. You also have to be sensitive that people in the workforce to have their tasks and responsibilities with their respective deadlines. Take also the consideration of others. Additionally, if you sent it late, there is a high chance for it not to be approved or even worse, not even read.

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