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Offer letters are documents sent out to desired candidates to welcome them to an organization or institution along with the details of that acceptance should they take the offer. In the same way, job offer letters are legally binding documents and should therefore be made carefully and in consultation of a lawyer. Offer letters are, in a way, the first step in reassuring a potential employee joining your organization to feel proud and be informed of what it is they are getting into.

Job offer letters should contain the following basic points:

  • Naturally, the following standard information pertaining the formal offer is mentioned:

    • The position or job title offered for the job applicant is shown along with the job description and responsibilities or tasks. The manner of reporting is also indicated as well as the name of the direct supervisor to report to. With many offer letter templates to choose from, helps making offer letters a piece of cake.

    • The start date and location for the employment position must be stated. Fast track employment start dates by using ready made offer letter templates from the site.

    • Starting or base salary, the frequency of payment, and the mode of payment is clearly spelled out in writing through the offer letter. Downloadable examples of premium design, ready made offer letters are available at the site for free.

  • Benefits covered by the company such as the following are also shown:

    • The number of days of vacation and sick leave benefits indicated in the employee handbook or manual must coincide with what will be stated in the offer letter.

    • Medical and dental benefit coverage is described as well as the other qualified beneficiaries. Go to the site to discover sample offer letters stating medical benefits.

    • Qualified events of disability are also slightly specified but shall be discussed further as with other benefits during orientation or in the employee manual.

  • Other relevant documents needed or required for employment are stated and listed such as simple non-compete and confidentiality agreements. Additionally, the validity for acceptance of the offer is stated at the end of the offer letter. also offers numerous examples of non-compete and confidentiality agreement. Simply navigate your way in the site and search for what you need.

  • A statement of employment at-will concludes an offer letter.

Standardize your company’s offer letter by heading over to now to get advantage of ready made, downloadable and fully customizable and editable offer letter templates. Search from many beautifully made offer letter templates and download your choice of printable offer letter templates. With templates saved in many different formats, you can be sure you will be able to use and edit the templates with your favorite software application or program.