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21+ Useful Free Websites to Find Fonts in 2016

Hunting for the best fonts, there are a lot of websites which offers you a vast diversity of typefaces on the world wide web. To create a best design, a designer knows very well that how much important it is to make the right use of Cool Fonts and to use them in a way to help them get the desried result, the designers need to have a deep knowledge about the fonts and the type frames.

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Fonts are a blend of printable content characters which have different qualities like design, size, pitch and spacing. The stature of Android Fonts in a textual style is measured in iotas, every iotas being around 1/72 finger-breadth. The width is measured by pitch, which alludes the number of characters can fit in a creep in which basic pitch values are 10 and 12.

Searching for the Best Google Fonts is again a task not many are interseted for, which results in making your thirst grow more and more, this thirst of your ends here at acts as a platform for you to provide you with the websites which makes sure that you get the best fonts without yielding a buck from your pocket. Now you must be very much interested to know more about these websites, lets have a look on these websites. Before heading towards the websites, lets see what type of fonts are available in the market.

Types of Fonts

We have three kinds of fonts such as-:

  1. Bitmap Fonts-: They comprise of a grid of blots or pixels showing the picture of every symbol in each aspects and size.
  2. Outline Fonts-: The vector fonts used to depict mathematical formulae and design instructions to outline the style of any size.
  3. Stroke Fonts-: These fonts utilize a progression of indicated lines and extra data to characterize the profile, or size and state of the line in a particular appearance.

Free Websites to Find Fonts

Lost Type

This website provides you with a plenty of good fonts for free. To save your time and money you can have the fonts of your desire, afterall time is money, more the time you save, the bigger amount you have in your pocket. Go To Website

1001 Fonts

Don’t go with the name, you will be provided with fonts more than just 1001 and that for without costing you a penny. Just go with 1001 fonts and explore the world of fonts. Go To Website

Font Squirrel

With the fast pace of a squirrel, font squirrel will give you option to download most of the fantastic fonts free of cost. You can have those fonts on your desktop to design your favourite sketch without any hussle. Go To Website

Google Fonts

In the recent years, google has tried its hands in almost all of the techincal sectors and again is here to serve with the best quality of fonts almost of every size and varying designs. Go To Website

Font Fabric

To save your money and time, font fabric provides you with the wide category of fonts of your choice to help you create the best design out from you. Go To Website

Font Space

You will need more space to downlaod the fonts from font space because the quality and font designs they provide is unmatchable. You will be exploring more and more fonts out of the font space and will be saving them. Go To Website


Go To Website

Urban Fonts

Go To Website

Hype for Type

Go To Website

The Language of Moveable Type

Go To Website

Font Struct

Go To Website

Chank Fonts

Go To Website

Identi Font

Go To Website

Simply The Best

Go To Website


Go To Website

Free Typography

Go To Website

Be Fonts

Go To Website

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