How To Create a Business Banner [10+ Templates]

When starting a business, marketing is important. The best marketing tools are still the simplest ones. Banners are easy to create and produce. Business roll-up banners can be moved, reused, and can have multiple other uses. This means that you do not have to keep spending on marketing and advertisements. Creating a business banner may seem like an intimidating task, but it is easier than you think. Because of the internet, information has never been easier. Here are quick and easy steps on how to make your own business banner.

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6 Steps to Make a Business Banner

Step 1: Know what kind of business banner you are going to make

There are several different kinds of banners. Knowing what kind of banner you need is important because you need to narrow down the information that you are going to add into your business banner. An overcrowded banner will not be very visually appealing and may actually have the opposite effect from what you want.

Step 2: Find and choose your business banner template

Using a business banner template is the easiest way for you to create your own business banner. This cuts down the time in the banner creation. Choose a banner type and choose a corresponding template that matches well with your business. A quick online search will give you several generic or specific banner templates.

Step 3: Have a color scheme that fits your business

Choose a color scheme that fits your product or service. The colors you use must fit together like pieces in a puzzle or cogs in a wheel. The colors you choose set the mood for your business banner. If you run a creative agency, for example, you can be a little more liberal with your color schemes.

Step 4: Choose which of your product or services you want to highlight

Business banners serve a specific purpose. Are you making a business banner to promote your company? Are you making a business banner to promote new products? Or are you making a business banner to promote seasonal products and services? Knowing the reason will help you choose what to put in the limited space.

Step 5: Layout your banner design

This part should be relatively simple. If you followed the steps, all you have to do is edit the business banner template that you chose. Change the colors used to fit your product or service and fill in the generic information used as fillers. Before you know it, you already finished your business banner.

Step 6: Test print your business banners in smaller sizes

Unless you are extremely familiar with your chosen printing company, always have a smaller test print of your business banner. The business banner will be a representation of you and your company. Surely you want it as perfect as possible. Colors sometimes change depending on the material used, so test the prints so they come out perfect.

10+ Business Banner Templates

1. Business Roll-Up Banner Template

business roll up banner template
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This business banner template is straight forward and directs to the point. It highlights the necessary information about your company and what your company has to offer. It has a very simple design that you can swap out with what you feel is better suited for you and your business needs.

2. Corporate Roll-Up Banner Template

corporate roll up banner template
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This business banner template is both elegant and informative. It is very eye-catching and is sure to have heads turning. It provides adequate spacing for the information that you want to provide. More information, such as products and services that you provide, can be added if needed.

3. Creative Agency Roll up Banner Design

creative agency roll up banner template
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Running a creative agency can be tough. People expect your best work at all times. And now you have to create a business banner to market your company. Save your creativity for your clients and use this business banner template. Great creative banner without the hassle of making them from scratch.

4. SEO Rollup Banner Template

seo rollup banner template
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This SEO business banner is ideal for you if you run an SEO company. It provides plenty of space to tell potential clients about your company and services. The design is simple yet powerful. This business banner is sure to leave your potential clients wanting more from you.

5. Product Roll-Up Banner Sample

product roll up banner template
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Nothing markets a new product better than a business banner. Show off your newest product with this product banner template. Simple, spacious, and eye-catching, this product business banner is sure to catch the attention of your customers. Simply download and edit to change the products and images to match what you have to offer!

6. Barbershop Billboard Banner

barbershop billboard banner template
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Advertise your barbershop and your services with this billboard business banner. Turn heads with the simplicity of the design. With the space available you are able to tell everyone who comes across your billboard banner all of your specialties and services. You can also provide your location for the benefit of your customers!

7. Gym BillBoard Banner Template

gym billboard banner template
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Strengthen your marketing game with this billboard business template. Every season is gym season. Point your local and potentially new gym goes to your gym using this billboard business banner template. The powerful design was created to lure anyone who wants to get stronger and healthier to you and your gym!

8. Spa Billboard Banner Design

spa billboard banner template
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Point your clients to the best and most relaxing day of their lives with our Spa billboard business banner. Professionally designed to look as comforting as possible, this billboard business banner will lure people right into your doorstep to escape their day to day routine and be spoiled senseless by your relaxing services.

9. Printable Banner Template

printable banner template
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Business banners come in all shapes and sizes. Never get caught off guard and have banners in all shapes and sizes! This easy to use and edit business banner is perfect for any business. New product? No worries. New services? We got you. Marketing your new product and services is as easy as pie with this banner template.

10. X Banner Mock-Up

x banner mock up edit

The sleek and cool design of this business banner template is sure to catch the attention of any customer. The free space allows you to add more information without taking away from the featured product. The sky is the limit on how you choose to edit this wonderful business template.

11. Business Roll-Up Banner

business roll up banner

Efficient and effective design. All of the information you need to tell your clients can be placed on this business banner template. Efficient use of space allows you to market yourself as much as possible without the business banner becoming too crowded. Useful for any type of business.

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