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6+ Travel Banner Templates

When we are bombarded with stress, we tend to look for ways to unwind. One of which is traveling. The emergence of social media has been a great help to businesses to advertise their services. Businesses such as travel agencies constantly offer discounts and promos to attract customers. One way to stand out among your competitors is by having a good marketing strategy.

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5 Steps on How to Make a Travel Banner

These steps will provide ways on how to make a travel banner. Travel banners help you advertise the services your travel agency is offering. Carefully read through each one for you to have an idea.

Step 1: Define the banner size.

First and foremost, determine the area where you plan to put the banner and then decide the size of the banner. It is advisable that you accomplish this first to prevent unexpected changes to the finished product. Or, if you suddenly want to change the size after all the editing has been done, you are free to do so.

Step 2: Add a background and visual assets.

You may choose a tourist spot destination as your background to entice your customers. Or, if you have personal pictures you can provide it as well. Also, do not forget that dynamics such as colors and graphics also affect the urges of the customers. Do research on what colors invoke feelings of happiness and excitement.

Step 3: Use shapes and buttons.

Take advantage of the shapes and buttons to create that catchy call to action. Demonstrate what makes your travel agency unique from the rest. You may brainstorm with your team to help you out with this.

Step 4: Create animations and transitions.

Studies have shown that most of the world’s population are visual learners. As much as possible, try to convey your message through animations and transitions because they’re more effective than text. If you’re more comfortable providing text, then it’s time to practice the art of animations and transitions. Visual information is more likely to be retained immediately than text.

Step 5: Download and use.

After you have completed the steps above, it’s now time to download and use the banner. Do not discard the ones you have used, you might be needing them for future reference. Place them in networks that cater to ads such as Facebook, Twitter, and many others.

6+Travel Banner Templates

1. Travel Agency Facebook Ad Banner Template

File Format
  • Photoshop

Size: 1200 x 628 px


Facebook has always been the go-to social network of most people. They browse and connect with their loved ones. Take advantage of this wide coverage and see this as an opportunity to reach out to your potential customers. Before you decide to place your ads, it is crucial to determine your target audience first so you wouldn’t just bombard facebook users with ads. By constantly seeing your ad on Facebook, they’ll have greater memory recall on your agency. You may download this template now for your effective travel advertisement.

2. Travel Google Ad Banner Template

File Format
  • Photoshop

Size: Vertical, Skyscraper, Leaderboard and Rectangle Sizes


Aside from being the world’s most used search engine, Google is also a good setting for your ad placement. There are times when people search for a good place to travel. Your travel agency ad may appear together with the results as a suggestion. They might possibly be compelled to avail themselves of your services. Give this template now a try and customize it to fit the dynamics of your travel agency.

3. Travel Agency Roll-Up Banner Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: 30 x 70 inches + Bleed


Creating your marketing tool can be one of the hardest parts of advertising. That’s why we’re offering you this illustrative Travel Agency Roll-Up Banner Template to spare you the hassle of creating one. We suggest using this template for its convenience. You can carry them around if ever you’re required to travel. Be at ease with this highly customizable template that’s available in formats such as Illustrator, Pages, Photoshop. What are you waiting for? Grab the chance to download this now for easier travel promotion!

4. Holiday Travel Banner Template


Everyone considers a holiday vacation as a way to escape reality for a while. It’s either spent with family or friends or both. Wherever the destination may be, what’s important is unity and camaraderie. Maximize this template to market your travel agency. If possible, offer discounts, promos, or freebies to make it more appealing to customers. Edit this template to suit your travel agency’s information. Download this now to aid you in marketing.

5. Cruise Travel Banner Template


Are you planning to offer the luxury of cruising to your customers? If yes, then this template is for you. With the sea as its background, it’s sure to offer the perfect ambiance for relaxation. A perfect getaway to escape life’s demands and pressures. You may incorporate your pictures in this template as this template is editable. We suggest pictures that highlight the inclusions of the vacation to appeal to the customers. This template is for free so download it now.

6. Vacation Traveling Banner Template


Creative marketing strategies are what attracts customers. It’s almost impossible to be noticed when these strategies become almost identical. You just have to get those creative juices out and come up with ingenious ways of promoting your services. One strategy is to examine what area your competitor lacks so you can fulfill it. Have you thought about providing packages? Why not add it to this template? Whatever unique ideas you may have, incorporate it to this template. Get yours now.

7. Travel Banner Template


Traveling can get very expensive. From the plane tickets, hotel accommodations, and to the pocket money. If you are running a travel agency, your goal must be to reduce the financial burden of your customers. One way to do that is to offer all-in packages for your customers. Just make sure that you have estimated the expenses for a promo. For all your promos, don’t forget to include it into this template. Get yours now for free.

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