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How to Make a Card Envelope [10+ Templates]

To create anticipation and to enhance the effect of a letter, business correspondence, or direct mailer, they are best enclosed in well-designed envelopes. And to learn how to create excellent card envelopes that suit its content, check out the entirety of this article. In this article, we have also curated a list of envelope templates that you may download and use.

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5 Steps To Make a Card Envelope

Shared below is a step-by-step guide on how to craft excellent card envelopes. You may use these steps to create either personal or business envelopes. Do not forget to bookmark this page so that you may easily refer back to the guide later on.

Step 1: Determine the card’s theme, content, or purpose.

An essential first step in envelope-making is to ensure that the envelope design should match its content. If you are sending a birthday card, it is best to create an envelope that alludes to or surprises the card’s recipient. Likewise, if you are sending a promotional direct mail marketing letter, tease your recipient about it using an aptly designed envelope.

Step 2: Choose an envelope size and printing material.

Next, it’s time to choose the envelope size and printing material. Choose thicker paper if you are sending heavier and/or larger cards, catalog designs, or brochures. Smaller envelope sizes (C7, C6, and DL) will fit smaller cards, invitations, and folded documents while larger envelope sizes (C3, C4, and C5) will fit bigger items like printed brochures, catalogs, and unfolded documents.

Step 3: Download a printable envelope template.

Then, it’s time to choose and download a printable envelope template. We have included multiple envelope template examples in the later portion of this article so be sure to check them out. Make sure that the envelope template you choose matches the theme or purpose of the content you wish to enclose.

Step 4: Customize the template using your preferred graphic design software.

After downloading the template file, you should start editing the envelope template. If creating a business or advertising envelope, make sure to add your own branding design elements like a company logo or trademark. Make all the template changes that you want until you are satisfied with the design.

Step 5: Print out the template.

After finalizing and saving the envelope design, you can now start printing. Use your home or office printer if you are only making a few personal envelopes. However, if you intend to make hundreds or thousands of business marketing envelopes, it is best to have the lot printed at your local print shop.

And voila! You have now learned the basic steps on how to make your own card envelopes. Use all this knowledge into crafting the best card envelopes for your business or organization.

10+ Card Envelope Templates

Shown below is a curated list of downloadable card envelope templates in multiple file formats like Apple Pages, Microsoft Publisher, Word, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Check out each template design and choose the envelope template that best matches your personal or business needs.

1. Law Firm Envelope Template


Legal stationery sets are not complete without matching professional envelope designs. You may use Law Firm Envelope Template featured above to create a formal yet elegant business envelope for your law firm or office. To add impact and credibility, it is best to pair this standard envelope template with an equally well-designed legal letterhead design.

2. Grand Hotel Envelope Example


Crafting an excellent hotel stationery set includes creating matching envelope designs. A good template design you can use is the Grand Hotel Envelope Template (embedded above). You may resize this envelope template to fit smaller or bigger envelope sizes. This template design may also be used as a travel agency envelope design.

3. Massage Envelope Template


The Massage Envelope Template featured above is a good base envelope template for those who are operating or advertising massage parlors, spas, and wellness centers. When using this business envelope design, do not forget to add your own branding identity designs like your company trademark, letterhead, or massage logo design.

4. Wedding Planners Envelope Design


The Wedding Planners Envelope Template shown above is the ideal envelope design for wedding planners, caterers, and suppliers. It is a fully customizable envelope template that you can use in creating different envelope sizes. Also, when using this envelope template, do not hesitate to add and use your own wedding planner letterhead design.

5. Beach Wedding Card Envelope Template


When you use the Beach Wedding Card Envelope Template Design (featured above), you help heighten your guests’ expectations of your planned destination wedding event. This envelope template uses a light blue color palette that reminds people of white sand beaches and clear summer skies.

6. Fall Wedding Card Envelope


The teal and grey color combination used in the Fall Wedding Card Envelope Template (shown above) works well for formal wedding events no matter the season. When using this envelope template design, it is best to ensure that your wedding invitation sports the same color palette.

7. Education Envelope Template


Pick the Education Envelope Template (embedded above) if you are looking for professional envelope designs for academic organizations and institutions. This envelope design may be customized to fit different envelope sizes and printing materials. Do not forget to check a color chart first before attempting to change the template’s built-in color scheme.

8. Gym Envelope Design Template


The Gym Envelope Design Template featured above works well for gyms, fitness centers, and wellness clubs who want to set their establishment apart from their competitors. As with most of the envelope templates featured in this article, all design elements in this pre-made printable template can be fully edited to match your organization’s needs.

9. Soccer Envelope Example


Another ideal stationery template design for those who are operating soccer clubs, sports organizations, or just soccer fans is the Soccer Envelope Template (shown above). As an editable template, you may easily replace all the logo design with your own monogram or club logo. You may also replace the font styles used in the template to match your preferences.

10. Spa Envelope Template


As its name implies, the Spa Envelope Template (featured above) is perfect for those who are making business stationeries for their spa and wellness centers.  When using this card envelope template, make sure to add your unique business letterhead to complement all the other business stationery design you are making.

11. Rustic Card Envelope Template

Try out the Rustic Card Envelope Template featured above if you are planning a formal party or wedding event. This envelope template features a unique inner flap design that can surprise and amaze anyone who receives it.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our website for more free downloadable templates and tips on creating different kinds of marketing collaterals and business documents.

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