5+ Photography Roll Up Banner Templates

Photography is an art of capturing and producing photos. Photography services are very expensive and are a trend nowadays. From birthday parties, to weddings, to baptisms, and even on corporate formal celebrations, photography services are a demand. Roll up banners are very helpful in marketing your photography services. Here’s how to make one in five steps.

5 Steps to Make a Photography Roll Up Banner Template

Step 1: Settle with a theme for your roll up banner

Before designing your very own roll up banner template, the first step would be to determine what would be the theme of your banner. Some photography services are mainly focused on wedding coverage. Some prefer taking pictures for kiddie parties. Others want video coverage, while some offer prenuptial services. So be specific on the theme of your banner.

Step 2: Write down the basic information in your roll-up banner

Your roll up banner has a better chance being the first one to tell your people about your business more than you can personally. So make sure that your banner template contains all the necessary information that people has to know. This should include your business’ name, logo, location, working contact numbers, and social media links. All these are helpful information.

Step 3: Edit and add some design element to your template

After working on the layout of your roll up banner, you mustn’t miss out on the design elements. Roll up banners have bigger working spaces compared to other design materials, so use this to your advantage. Use scalable vectors to design your template. You can make use of boxes and shapes to organize your information. The totality of your design must be a reflection of the theme.

Step 4: Include some photos in your roll up banner

If you must include photos in your roll up banner, the photos have to be at a high resolution so that they won’t ruin the integrity of your roll up banner. The photos you would be including should be relevant to the theme of your banner also. Including your photographs in your banner would be a good marketing strategy as people are more drawn into images rather than words.

Step 5: Print your photography roll up banner template

The standard size for roll up banners is 30 by 70 inches, however you can always use other size depending on how much information has to be laid out on your banner. In printing banners, the typical printing material is the vinyl banner material. Laser printing is the preferred method in printing roll up banner templates. Print your design on professional printing shops.

5+ Photography Roll Up Banner Templates

Browse through the list of some sample photography roll up banner templates. These templates are all predesigned already with texts, font types, graphics, and designs. Some of these templates can be downloaded for free while some are bought for a certain price.

1. Photography Roll-Up Banner Template

photography roll 440x570 1
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 inches + Bleed


Are you looking for the perfect roll up banner for your photography business? Worry no more because your searching has come to an end with this Photography Roll-Up Banner Template. Download this template for a guaranteed quality design. It’s fully editable, customizable, and ready to be printed. So go ahead and get this template now.

2. Free Photography Roll Up Banner Template

free photography roll up banner template 440x570 11
File Format
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 inches + Bleed


Effectively and efficiently promote your photography business with the help of this Free Photography Roll Up Banner Template. Its a first rate template of its type and also features royalty free graphics layered on scalable vectors for a much easier editing and customizing process. It is a template that is printable across a variety of modern editing software such as Publisher.

3. Photography Roll-Up Banner 3 Template

photography-roll-up-banner-3-preview-4 Download

Display an array of your personally taken photos through this Photography Roll-Up Banner 3 Template. People are more drawn to pictures and this template has a layout that allows you to show your best shots. It has a very effective and well done layout. This template can also be downloaded and edited straight on your smart phone, laptop, or home computer.

4. Photography – Roll-Up Banner 1 Template

photography-roll-up-banner-1-preview-7 Download

Stylish but elegant, this is what this template is about. Not all templates are made the same and this template is definitely one of it. Get this Photography – Roll-Up Banner 1 Template for a great deal today. You don’t have to spend that much to get a quality template like this one. It can be edited fully on any editing application on your phone and on your laptop. Check it out.

5. Colorful Photography Roll-up Banner Template

1 Download

This template will be absolutely perfect for people who love fun designs! This Colorful Photography Roll-up Banner Template features vibrant colors. Not feeling blue? You can easily change the colors with this template. It also has a layout that will allow you to perfectly display a series of information regarding your photography business. Grab this template now!

6. Modern Photography Roll-Up Banner Template



As you can see, this template features a unique theme for photography roll up banner templates. Check out this Modern Photography Roll-Up Banner Template. This hassle free template is worth every dollar that you would be spending, money back guaranteed. This template will surely do a good job of attracting more customers and clients to avail your services.

7. Photography Roll-up Banner

1-1 Download

Get this Photography Roll-up Banner Template. Stop having second thought about this template. This template can guarantee you with more customers and clients and that’s a promise! With its very creative layout and design, this template will do a great job in garnering attention in the public. More public attention means more customers for you!

8. Artistic Photography Roll up Banner Template

01_scrensort Download

Grab our Artistic Photography Roll Up Banner Template. The name says it all. Everything about this template would be perfect for promoting your business. This template is fully editable and customizable. Also, this template can be a great investment. You can download this template straight from your phone and edit it from there for your convenience.

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