How to Create a Cookbook [10+ Templates]

Cookbooks are very helpful references in the kitchen. This special kind of books contain recipes that often includes instructions, ingredients, and pictures. Cookbooks can be general or a particular cuisine. This goal of this article is to guide you on a step by step process of how to create a cookbook.

5 Steps on How to Create a Cookbook

Step 1: Choose the focus of your cookbook

Before starting off to the designing process, decide on what should be the niche of your content. Is the focus of your recipes on diet? Desserts? Grilled Meats? Do you want to put a spotlight on a specific cuisine such as Asian food? You have to narrow down your options by starting on a general topic down to the main focus.

Step 2: Create an outline of the content

Make a loose outline of the content. To have a more systematic cookbook, you can organize your cookbook by chapters so that recipes can be easier to find for those who would be using it. Some arrangements you can consider is from savory to sweet, from breakfast to dinner, from beginners to skilled, or from appetizers to desserts.

Step 3: Write down your recipes and tips

Sort through recipes that are worth including in your cookbook. Stay away from recipes that you haven’t tried cooking for yourself or recipes that you are not in your field of interest. Write very detailed information regarding the ingredients and the process. You can also suggest substitutions for the ingredients that are hard to find. Include helpful tips.

Step 4: Add photos and design elements

A cookbook isn’t a cookbook without the pictures. If you have a professional camera, use it to take personal photos of your recipe. If you are hiring someone to take photos for you or if you retrieve photos from the internet, make sure to give credit to whom it is due. You can also start with the design process by adding in some shapes, colors, or border, but remember to keep it simple and relevant.

Step 5: Publish your cookbook

If you have borrowed a recipe from another author make sure to mention it on your cookbook for legal purposes. Publish your cookbook by having it printed on a professional printing shop. Preferably, it is suggested that you use a glossy finish since it can retain a paper’s quality more effectively. Use a hardbound for the cover if you want it to be durable or softbound if you want it handheld.

10+ Cookbook Templates

1. Recipe Cookbook Catalog Template


Check out this great Recipe Cookbook Catalog Template. It has editable content and high-quality design that is perfect for every ideal cookbook material. This template has a high-quality format and can be printed in many sizes. Grab this template right now!

2. Black Cookbook Catalog Design


This Black Cookbook Catalog Template looks elegant and stylish with its color scheme. Everything in this template can be easily edited and customized using any modern editing application of your choice. This template can be adjusted according to your business’ preference.

3. Minimalist Cookbook Cover Template


Are you on the lookout for the perfect cookbook cover for your dream cookbook? Well, here’s the right one for you. Get this Minimalist Cookbook Cover Template. It is made with royalty-free graphics and a well-written content that can be easily edited and customized.

4. Printable Cookbook Catalog Template


Download our Printable Cookbook Catalog Template in high-quality resolution and experience a printing process that’s easy breezy. This template can be downloaded in any format and edited on any design software both on mobile, and desktop. So what else are you waiting for?

5. Free Printable Cookbook Catalog Template


Deliver a professionally-made cookbook with this Free Printable Cookbook Catalog Template. This template has amazing images and an effective layout which will surely highlight the joy and fun of cooking. This template can be edited on any device, anywhere.

6. Free Photo Cookbook Cover Template


Interested in finding the perfect cookbook cover template for your recipes? Look no further and download this Free Photo Cookbook Cover Template today. This cookbook cover will surely give customers a good impression of your material. This is of high quality and first-rate.

7. Kitchen Cookbook Design Template


Deliver quality content and amazing recipes with this Nordic Kitchen Cookbook. This template has well-written content made by professionals. It also has scalable vectors which are easy to customize, personalize, and edit to your preference.

8. Modern Cookbook Indesign Template


Stay up on the game with this Modern Cookbook Indesign Template. This template can help your published material reach a greater scope of the target audience with its effective layout and high-quality graphics. Easily edit and customize this using any modern editing software.

9. Simple Cookbook Template


This Simple Cookbook Template has scalable vectors which will allow you to easily reposition graphics, along with its versatility which means it can be used regardless of what is the focus of your cookbook theme and content. Easily draw in the attention of the crowd with this simple but effective cookbook template.

10. Foodies Cookbook Template


This Foodies Cookbook Template is perfect for every millennial cookbook author who wants a minimal but chic template. This is made with high quality, royalty-free graphics, and a well-written content made by our team of professional designers and writers. Now you can confidently publish your cookbook with this template.

11. Square Cookbook Template


If you are looking for an effective cookbook template that has high-quality design and an organized layout. It has an attractive front cover due to its simplicity and neatness. An easy to edit a cookbook template that you can efficiently personalize to your preferences.