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How to Make a Music Event Ticket [10+ Templates]

A world without music would be so dull and lifeless. Music has a motivating power that unconsciously drives us to keep doing what we’re doing. People love attending music events just as they enjoy listening to music in the first place, and if you’re planning one, we’ve got ticket templates for you to use.

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6 Steps to Make a Music Event Ticket

Step 1: Set a budget for your tickets

Putting together an event involves budget planning which is important not only to ensure profit but to prevent losses as well. Part of the budget planning is the production of tickets and several factors should be considered including materials used, design, and the number of tickets to be printed out.

Step 2: Determine what details to include

What elements do you wish to include on the ticket? For starters, most tickets bear the title of the music event, the names of notable performers, the date and time of the event, the venue, and some contact details. Those mentioned are only some of the basic elements, you may be allowed to add more if necessary.

Step 3: Download a music event ticket template

To keep you from having to do your tickets from scratch, we’ve got ticket design templates below that you can download and use. One thing that we can share about our templates is that they are all wonderfully designed. We can definitely assure you that you’ll be able to make exceptional music event tickets using our templates.

Step 4: Edit the layout and add the content

Aside from simply having a wonderful design, our ticket templates are also fully editable as long as you’re using a compatible editing tool. If you have a ticket template in PSD, you should edit it using either Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. During this step, customize the template’s layout and start adding the music event’s details.

Step 5: If you’re planning to go digital, generate a code

The code referred to here may either be a bar code or a QR code. Most of us already know what bar codes are but QR codes (short for quick response codes) have only become a thing very recently. Both bar code and QR code generators are available online and you can make one for your music event tickets.

Step 6: Inspect every detail for correctness

Before getting your tickets printed, check the content for correctness most especially the schedule and the venue of the event. Also, if you decided to include a bar or QR code, check to see if it works. Once the design has been finalized and the content is free from any error, your ticket is now ready for printing.

10+ Music Event Ticket Templates

1. Summer Music Event Ticket Template


For some reason, the summer is often the most common season to hold music events and it might be because school-aged people are on their summer break and working individuals aren’t very stressed. If you’re planning to host a music event during summer, the ticket template above would be a very good choice.

2. Music Concert Event Ticket Sample


The sample above shows a music event ticket for a night of reggae music. Reggae, on the other hand, is a music genre that has originated in Jamaica and is somewhat connected to the Rastafari religion. While the ticket template above would work for your reggae night event, you may also check out our music event postcard template.

3. Music Theme Event Ticket Example


If you thought EDM is only widely popular today, it actually has its beginnings in the late 1980s. EDM stands for electronic dance music, but this is also referred to as dance or club music. While the event ticket template above appears to be designed for EDM events, you may actually be allowed to use this for any music genre.

4. Rock Music Event Ticket Template


Beer drinking, head banging, stage diving, and moshing, these are just some of the many things that you can find in rock music events. If you’re putting together a heart-pumping and energetic rock music event, you may use the ticket template above along with our music poster template.

5. Creative Music Event Ticket Example


As seen on the sample image above, modern music concert tickets have either a bar or a QR code which the staff will simply scan before permitting the guest to enter. Although the tear-off tickets are still present up to this day, the use of a scannable code helps to preserve the quality of the ticket.

6. Musical Concert Event Ticket Sample


A music event, also known as a concert, is defined as a live performance of music in front of a viewing audience. While there are music events that are open to the public, there are also those that require the use of a ticket. If you’re leaning towards the latter, feel free to download and use the concert event ticket template above.

7. Modern Music Event Ticket Layout


Whether your planning to host a modern or retro-themed music event, you might find the ticket template above quite interesting and nostalgic. Before people can start buying your tickets, you will first need to make your music known, and you can do that using a live music poster template.t Layout

Here’s another event admission ticket template that you can use for a disco event or any event that has a disco theme thrown into it. The design of this template utilizes bright and fun colors as well as cute geometric shapes to further make it look lively and interesting.

10. Music Night Event Ticket Format

Offering early bird discounts is a good strategy when it comes to selling tickets to an event. Although another way that you can offer deals to your prospects is by giving away event ticket vouchers. Nevertheless, if you’re organizing a music event, the ticket template above is versatile enough to go along with any music genre.

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Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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