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Table of Contents

  1. 5 Steps to Make an Event Company Logo
  2. 1. Event Planner Logo Template
  3. 2. Event Company Sunburst Logo Template
  4. 3. Wonderful Wedding Event Company Logo Template
  5. 4. Catering Event Company Logo Template
  6. 5. Modern Event Company BALLIN’ Logo Template
  7. 6. Media Event Company Logo Template
  8. 7. Wedding Event Planner Logo Template
  9. 8. Event Company “J” Logo Template
  10. 9. Simple Wedding Company Event Logo Template
  11. 10. Star Event Company Logo Template

9+ Event Company Logo Templates

A popular type of business to venture in these days are event type businesses. These businesses cater to customers needs during an event. There are so many different kinds of event businesses that the industry has become rather saturated. A great way to establish a name for your business is to create an event company logo. A well-made logo can make your business (or any product, for that matter) appear professional and reliable.

Step 1: Have a vision for your company.

Usually, most companies have a set vision. This vision shows the goals they want their company to achieve in the future. Having a vision in mind can help in the creation of the logo. A logo, after all, can be a visual representation of the vision. This Travel Agency Logo Design Template, for example, shows a clean and modern logo that symbolizes the company itself.

Step 2: Conduct a general meeting.

In making the company logo, it is important that everyone in the company should be aware of what is going to happen. Conducting a meeting about the logo can also help in the design process, as a variety of ideas can be contributed for the making of the logo.

Step 3: Create several trial designs.

You are making a logo that will represent your company. If you are making a logo from scratch, we suggest that you create several trial designs for the company logo. Doing this can help ease the difficulty of designing and redesigning a logo. Having a single logo that isn’t up to the taste of most people requires complete revision.

Step 4: Choose and test a design.

If you find that creating an original design is too tiresome a process, you can always download a pre-made template. Templates are usually editable in user-friendly programs, like MS Word. Afterwards, have a visual test for your design(s). Ask for the opinion of people. If the company logo does not generate a mostly positive response, we suggest that you change the design.

Step 5: Finalize the design.

Once you have completed all four steps, you can now finalize the design! Now that you have gathered the opinion of people, you should be able to create a design that everyone will prefer. After doing this, you can now reveal the company logo to everyone else.

1. Event Planner Logo Template

event planner logo template
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Personally planning big events can be rather tiring—especially when all people want to do is relax and enjoy the big day. Convince people to take partake in your event planning services with this beautiful Event Planner Logo Template. It provides aesthetic appeal, while still appearing professional. You can edit this template in Illustrator.

2. Event Company Sunburst Logo Template


Apart from showing great skills in organization, event companies also have to ensure that their customers will enjoy the events that they plan. This sunburst logo is a great way to show people how exciting you can make events to be. Apart from creating a wonderful logo with this template, you can also convince people to become your customers.

3. Wonderful Wedding Event Company Logo Template

wonderful weddings planner and event designer

One of the most stressful events to handle are weddings. Weddings are an important occasion that, apart from the union of two people who are very much in love, involves handling hotel reservations, catering services, and insufferable relatives of both sides of the special couple. Show off the reliability of your company by using this template.

4. Catering Event Company Logo Template

catering vector logo badge with hand written modern calligraphy

A phrase that is commonly used these days by millennials is: “Food is life.” Such is the importance of food in every occasion that catering companies often offer special packages for different events. Use this simple and classic logo, with its beautiful calligraphy font, for your catering event company. Download it now!

5. Modern Event Company BALLIN’ Logo Template


This uniquely named company logo template is a useful, multipurpose one. You can use this logo for any type of company: be it law firms, clothing companies, event companies, and much more. Multipurpose templates, like this Multipurpose Event Ticket Template, are incredibly convenient for those who want to reuse and spend less on templates.

6. Media Event Company Logo Template


The best logos are often the most simple. Simplicity, when it comes to logos, make an impact. People remember and recognize them more easily than other logos that contain a lot more graphic elements. Buy this minimalist style logo for your event company now. This is a purchase you will not regret.

7. Wedding Event Planner Logo Template

wedding planner emblem with abstract letter w yellow and blue curved line in shape of w alphabet sym

Sometimes, different can be good. As Robert Frost said, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I – I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” Attract customers to your wedding event company by using this unique and minimally styled logo. If you want to use this, purchase and download this template now.

8. Event Company “J” Logo Template


This is the ideal template for companies that start with the letter J. This Event Company “J” Logo Template is a stylish logo that comes in hot pink or bright yellow. You decide. Its entrancing feminine design will surely stimulate the curiosity of female customers. Purchase and download this flashy template now!

9. Simple Wedding Company Event Logo Template


Use this lovely logo template for your business! Apart from weddings, this can also be customized for dating related websites. This template is incredibly easy to edit. It only uses Times New Roman as its font (this is a font that is usually already installed in computers) so it should not be difficult for you to edit and customize the logo.

10. Star Event Company Logo Template


Here is another amazing company logo template designed by Anton Akhmatov. Looking for a great logo that shows the prowess and worth of your amazing event company? If so, then this starry Star Event Company Logo Template is the right logo design for you to use. Do not hesitate. Purchase and download this template now!

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