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10+ Health Newspaper Templates

Diseases and health problems are one of the biggest challenges people encounter in our world today. To battle this, numerous medical and health specialists are now taking it upon themselves to educate people on how to avoid this problem. Health newspapers are important publications that inform people on how to keep their body healthy. Here, we will show you how to make a health newspaper—raising awareness for the well-being of one’s body.

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5 Steps to Make a Health Newspaper

Making a health newspaper is not an easy task. Aside from the fact that you have to gather well-made articles together, you have to ensure that the layout of the newspaper appeals to your readers’ eyes. To make this simple for you, we supplied this article with steps on how to create a newspaper.

Step 1: Determine the audience and circulation

A health newspaper, like any other publication such as a political newspaper, should be catered to an audience. When making the newspaper and its content, it is important that you should keep the audience in mind. For example, health newspapers that are catered to medical professionals tend to use medical jargon that a layman would not typically understand.

Step 2: Create or download a template

Making a newspaper can be a difficult task if there is no set template. That is why we have decided to compile these health newspaper templates in order to make the process easier for you. It is vital that health newspapers look clean and professional.

Step 3: Create the content

In creating the content of a newspaper, a health newspaper in particular, one should supply the articles with factual and verified content. This is important because a lot of people read these type of newspapers for the maintenance, and even betterment, of their health. Do not create articles with dubious information.

Step 4: Prepare the materials

Making health newspapers involve a lot of paper and ink. Naturally, due to the large amount of copies that need to be printed, this can be a costly affair. Set a budget for the materials and the logistics of the newspaper. If possible, look for cheap alternatives to save money.

Step 5: Print

Print shops normally do not accept newspaper printing requests due to the fact that it can use up a large number of their resources. Find a shop that offers offset printing. Offset printing allows large amounts of paper to be printed at once in a cost-effective way. For immediate results, you should search the web for a suitable printing shop.

1. Health Newspaper Template

File Format
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Pubisher


Being a layout artist can be a difficult and cumbersome job. Thankfully, we have just the health newspaper design for you! With its clean and simple layout, you can freely input article and stories about medicine and health for the benefit of your readers. This can be easily customized and edited.

2. Food and Health Newspaper Template

File Format
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher


If your grandmother were a newspaper, this would be the embodiment of her. This health newspaper template showcases a reader-friendly layout, perfect for articles that pertain to health, food, and how the two should always go hand in hand—similar to how a grandmother would fuss over you in family reunions.

3. Health and Lifestyle Newsletter

Although health newsletters have to appear professional, they can also be motivational. Aside from informing readers about substantial medical and health information, this newsletter’s stimulating format can urge one to make their lifestyle a healthier, more active one. Purchase this template now, complete with a format from the front to the back cover!

4. Twelve-Page Health and Medical Newsletter

This Twelve-Page Health and Medical Newsletter is the complete package! It contains twelve pages of clean and modern layout that is suitable not only for health newsletters, but also for other types of newsletters. Why wait? Purchase and download this worthwhile layout, now! Aside from it being a newsletter, this layout can also be used for brochures, booklets, and whatnot.

5. Medical and Multipurpose Newsletter

A number of hospitals publish newsletters in order to promote their establishment. With this medical newsletter, you can create a publication that, apart from supplying the readers with important health and medical information, can be a form of marketing for your health organization or hospital. Buy and get this template now!

6. Metrofulus Newspaper

Metrofulus Newspaper is a multi-purpose newspaper layout that can be used for any kind of business or organization. This template is incredibly easy to use and customize, making it an ideal layout if you want a hassle-free layout process. The cheap price and the crisp layout makes this quite a popular template. Get this now!

7. Indesign Modern Newspaper Magazine Template

Important medical and health tips should be included in health newspapers in order for that publication to be beneficiary to the readers. Showcase vital details with this well-organized modern newspaper template. You can also feature important health articles, catching the reader’s eye with its structured template. This format is available in InDesign.

8. Simple Newspaper Template

Download this classic and simple newspaper template format for your health newspaper! If you are planning to create another newspaper with a different purpose, then this multi-purpose template is perfect for you. With an average item rating of four over five stars, this is a purchase you will not regret!

9. Modern Multipurpose Newsletter Template

In the layout of newsletters and newspapers, it is important that it should not appear too wordy. Readers, even avid “bookworms,” can be put-off with a newspaper or magazine if the layout focuses too much on words than pictures. The same goes vice versa. Be sure to maintain a balance when creating your newspaper.

10. Classic Newspaper Template

Avail yourself of this vintage newspaper template, perfect for all types of uses. For a low price, get this well-styled template suitable for giving out news of all kinds. You are sure to impress your readers with this retro newspaper. This is best used with the InDesign program.

11. Multiple Newspaper Template

Are you short on cash? Saving up on money for the actual printing of the newspapers? Worry not! Get this great deal of purchasing five newspaper templates for only $8. Aside from getting a template for your health newspaper, you can now also get four other templates in unique designs.

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