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A school identification card is a very important item for a student. A school ID often serves to be more than just a student’s identification card. Most of the time, school IDs are used as a safety standard to check if an individual is allowed within the premises. In this article, we’ll show you how to make a viable and fool-proof student ID, with the help of templates.

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Steps to make a Student ID Card

Making a Student ID Card can be a challenging task. Aside from creating the format, one of the bigger difficulties in the process is the preparation of materials and the actual printing of the cards. In order to guide you in creating ID cards in an efficient manner, we have simplified the process for you in five simple steps.

Step 1: Prepare the necessary materials

Making multiple ID cards is costly, due to the materials needed. Before you start designing the cards, estimate how many cards will be printed and what is the estimated budget for that. To ensure a speedy process, you should have the materials before you start designing the ID layout and collecting the necessary data.

Step 2: Plan the content

Identify the purpose of creating the ID before planning what to place there. Given that you are making a student ID, the ID should contain important information that tells how a student belongs to the school. For example, their year level should be there, as well as their full name, and their student ID number.

Step 3: Design

A student ID should be clear, concise, and well-organized. Making an identification card can be difficult, so we recommend that you download and use a school ID card template. Aside from ensuring that a card should be understandable, it must also have a pleasing design to appear professional and clean.

Step 4: Gather the necessary data

Once you are done creating the design, you can now gather data from the students. During this step of the process, this usually includes the ID pictorials (or the acquisition of ID pictures from students), and the gathering of other important data—home address, contact numbers, student ID number, among others.

Step 5: Print out the card

Efficiency is very important when printing out student IDs. Find a good print shop that, aside from being able to provide good quality printed products, can also provide speedy service towards their customers. It is important that students should be able to acquire their ID as soon as school begins.

1. Student ID Card Template

student id card download
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: Available in 2.13×3.39 Inches+ Bleed


Making high-quality IDs isn’t a difficult task, if you download the right template. Fortunately, we have this Student ID Card Template just for you! It’s super easy to edit, with nice-looking graphics and fonts. Even better? Once you purchase this template, it is yours to keep forever! What are you waiting for? Buy this now!

2. Free Student ID Card Template

free student id card template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: Available in 2.13×3.39 inches


As Ed Sheeran once sung, “The best things in life come free to us.” You don’t need to spend money, to get yourself a sweet deal on templates. Get this student ID card template for free! Simply download this template, and voila! You’ll be printing identification cards in a jiffy in no time at all. It is that simple.

3. Institution ID Card Template

idcard1 Download

Colleges and universities are places you can get easily lost in, with hundreds and thousands of students attending within the campus. What better way to keep track of these students, than by using this ID card template for them? It has a simple layout format, making it quite easy on the eyes.

4. Student Identity Card Design

studentidcardprev Download

Add some decor to your ID cards by using this template! With a motif that exudes a classic vibe of academia, this ID card will surely be an item that students won’t lose (as they find themselves prone to doing, for some odd reason). Don’t sweat over manually creating a format, when you can simply download this template.

5. ID Card Format

idcarddesign Download

Placing piping on a format can make even the most simple-looking of things appear professional. If you want your student IDs to achieve that look of professionalism, then get this template! This ID template looks best when paired with a transparent ID card holder, showcasing the template’s clean and clear design.

6. ID Card Design

idcard2 Download

Identification cards are a form of ensuring security within the establishment. It also makes you avoid looking sloppy. A well-made template can easily achieve both of these aspects with minimal design. Please students and faculty members alike by using this simple, yet powerful, design template for their school identification cards!

7. Simple Institution ID Card Template

idcardsampletemp Download

Identification cards are one of the easiest templates to edit. All you have to do is fill up the given spaces with the supplied personal information of each student. While making an ID card, the design is the least of your worries. So don’t be afraid to download templates with minimal design!

8. Lanyard and ID Card Holder Mock-up

lanyard id card holder mockup Download

Borders can make an identification card look sleek. With this well-organized ID card design layout, important information of the students can now be seen without the format appearing cluttered and messy. This ID sample is best paired with a transparent ID card holder, utilizing its whole aesthetic. A help file, along with a video tutorial is also included in the package.

9. Multi-purpose ID Card Design

idcardlanyard Download

This identification card sample, to put simply into three words, would be: simple, clean, and (definitely) budget-friendly. This card is perfect for all types of establishments: from office spaces, schools and colleges, and much more. Buy this template for a cheap price, and you will surely be satisfied with its end results!

10. Modern ID Card Layout

idlanyardtemplate Download

Who says identification cards can’t be stylish? Download and get one of the best ID card templates by simply clicking on the button above! Companies and schools can utilize this stylish-looking card, putting on a new twist to something that is perceived to be look boring and dull.


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