How to Make a Roll Up Banner [10+ Templates]


The roll-up banner is a very versatile advertising tool, that can be reused in many different ways. It is typically used in a company or a school event to promote different products and services. It can be placed in and around your school, business, and event locations. Simply put, this marketing tool is an all-rounder.

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4 Steps to Make a Roll-Up Banner

Step 1: Find and use a roll-up banner template

Using a roll-up banner template is the easiest way to make your banner. The template will serve as a guide. It will help you to properly make use of the limited space roll-up banners have. Remember, the point of the roll-up banner template is only to guide you. The final layout will be up to your imagination.

Step 2: Procure all needed information

Roll-up banners are versatile enough to advertise any product or service. Compile all the needed and important information you think you need. Is this for general marketing? This is for what specific product or service? will this just be a seasonal promotion? Your business banner will be providing the answers to these questions.

Step 3: Choose your color scheme

Make sure that your color scheme does not clash with your business or the product or service that you are marketing. Make sure that it also goes well with the product or service that you are providing. If the roll-up banner is being made for a seasonal promotion, make sure that it goes well with the season. Red and green, for example, often represents Christmas or new years.

Step 4: Finalize the format

Make sure to add only the important and necessary features in your roll-up banner. The space on your roll-up banner is very limited. Use this limited space efficiently. However, you need to make sure that your roll-up banner does not become overcrowded. Overcrowded banners are not visually appealing and tend to give the wrong impression.

10+ Roll-Up Banner Templates

1. Product Launch Roll-Up Banner Template

product launch roll up banner template1Download

Whenever there are new products businesses are expected to sell. This can be a daunting task. However, with the right marketing tool, this task can become so much easier. This product roll-up banner is the easiest marketing tool for the task. Its versatility allows you to market different products with ease.

2. Fitness Roll Up Banner Template

fitness roll up banner templateDownload

This powerfully designed fitness roll-up banner was made for you. Made to “fit in” any gym, this roll-up banner can be downloaded in both Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator for your editing comfort and ease. Edit and redesign this fitness roll-up banner to fit any and all of your needs!

3. Design Agency Roll-Up Banner Template

design agency roll up banner templateDownload

Advertising and marketing your products and services has never been easier. Roll-up banners are quick and easy ways to tell people what you and your company have to offer. As a design agency, your clients will always look to you for the best products. Show them what you can do by using this professionally made template.

4. Services Roll-Up Banner Template

security services roll up banner templateDownload

Security is a very serious matter. Companies are often prepared to spend quite a large sum on security services. Secure your position by marketing yourself with this security service roll-up banner. Downloadable in easy to edit formats such as Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator, this banner will surely and securely bring you to the top.

5. Product Roll-Up Banner Template

product roll up banner template1Download

Advertising is such an easy thing to do nowadays. Using this product roll-up banner template, marketing your products will be a breeze. Simply download and edit the banner to fit your product and print. It’s as easy as one, two, three!

6. Mobile App Promotion Roll-Up Banner

mobile app promotion roll up banner templateDownload

Mobile applications are the easiest ways for people to have everything they need on the phone. It’s a map, calculator, video game, photo-editing software, and many more. Make your mobile application known using this mobile app promotion roll-up banner. With this banner, you don’t have to roll with the punches, they roll with you.

7. Creative Roll Up Banner Template

clean style roll up banner templateDownload

Cleanliness is a state of purity, clarity, and precision. This roll-up banner is highly versatile and can be used for any product or service. It has enough space to hod images and information needed for your product or service. Simply download, edit, and print!

8. Advertisement Roll Up Banner Template

advertisement roll up banner templateDownload

Enjoy the ease of advertising with this advertisement roll-up banner. Roll-up banners are already incredibly flexible advertisement tools. This template was designed more than just to market your products or services, it is designed to bring out the best you and your company has to offer.

9. Multipurpose Roll Up Banner Template

multipurpose roll up banner templateDownload

Be ready for any and all occasions, promotions, and situations. This multipurpose banner maks sure that you always have the right banner for the right occasion. Promote your company, newest products, best services, and seasonal promotions. This shows off not just the versatility of the roll-up banners, but your ability as a business person to be prepared at all times.

10. Sample Multi-use Roll Up Banner

multipurpose roll up bannerDownload

They say you should use the right tool for the right job. This multi-use roll-up banner is a highly versatile advertising tool. Use it for any and all products and services you provide. This multi-use roll-up banner template is perfect for anything you could ever need.

11. Business Roll-Up Banner Sample

business roll up bannerDownload

This business roll-up banner was designed to meet all of your marketing and advertising needs. Easy to edit and downloadable in multiple formats, this roll-up banner template boasts its simplicity and ease of use. Download this roll-up banner template layout and start making your own banners.

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