5+ Mobile App Roll-Up Banner Templates


Our mobile devices are often with us every day. Because of this, we have developed a dependence on our mobile devices. Not only do we use it for calling and sending text messages, but we also use it as a map, a way to connect to social media, and everything in between. In this day and age, mobile apps are what we use most often to get us through the day.

Steps to Create a Mobile App Roll-Up Banner

Here are the quick and easy steps you can follow to create your own mobile app roll-up banner. By following this guideline, you will find that you not only save time but that the production process is effortless as well. Be sure to enjoy the process of making your own roll-up banner.

Step 1: Use a mobile app roll-up banner template

Why waste time with making a roll-up banner from scratch? And why waste valuable resources hiring someone to design one for you? With information readily available online, you can simply use a mobile app roll-up banner template. Have a professionally designed roll-up banner, without wasting too much time and effort.

Step 2: Market to the right users

Different mobile apps appeal to different people. Make sure that you know your intended market. This way you get the maximum use of your mobile app roll-up banner. Knowing your target market also makes it easier to compile the images and information, you are going to use.

Step 3: Compile and summarize information about your mobile app

Compile and summarize the information you are going to add into your mobile app roll-up banner. Be sure to keep it brief, straight to the point, and relevant. Remember, your mobile app roll-up banner will have limited space. Use this space wisely.

Step 4: Choose your color scheme

Color is the first thing people will see when looking at your mobile app roll-up banner. Be sure to choose a color scheme that will match your mobile app and your company logo. You should also keep in mind the images you intend to use. Make sure that the color does not clash with the images.

Step 5: Collect and compile images and screenshots of the mobile app

It is not important to have many images, what is important is to have relevant images. Use screenshots and relevant images in your mobile app roll-up banner. This way, you do not overcrowd the roll-up banner with unnecessary images. The last thing you want is a roll-up banner full of images that distract from the mobile app.

Step 6: Test print your mobile app roll-up banner

Depending on the ink and the material used to print on, the roll-up banner may not look the same way as it does on the computer screen. Be sure to have a smaller test print. This way you see how the images and colors are and you can make changes if needed.

5+ Mobile App Roll-Up Banner Templates

Information is readily available at the tips of our fingertips. Take advantage of that by using a mobile app roll-up banner template as a guide in the production of your own roll-up banner template. Below is a list of mobile app roll-up banner templates that you will find not only useful but intriguing as well. Compare and contrast the different designs and decide which you want to use.

1. Mobile App Promotion Roll-Up Banner Template

mobile app promotion roll up banner template
File Format
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Pages
  • Photoshop

Size: 30×70 Inches, + Bleed


Since people bring their mobile devices everywhere, they tend to rely on mobile apps for everything. We use it for social media, as a calculator, as a planner, for photo editing, and even as a flashlight. Introduce your newest mobile app with this mobile app promotional roll-up banner.

2. Mobile App Roll-Up Banner

mobile app roll up banner Download

Informative and direct to the point. This mobile app roll-up banner does not deviate in the slightest from its main purpose. This roll-up banner informs the public not only how to avail of the mobile app, but what its intended uses are as well. You could say that the roll-up banner is the stationary form of the mobile product sale brochure.

3. Mobile App Roll-Up Banner Template

mobile app roll up banner template Download

This mobile app roll-up banner is artistically and professionally made. Designed to be eye-catching, this roll-up banner is sure to catch the attention of your potential mobile app users. Simply download this roll-up banner template and edit it to suit your needs. Easy as one, two, three.

4. Mobile App Promotion Roll-up Banners Templates

mobile app promotion roll up banners templates Download

This mobile app promotion roll-up banner is designed to be used in multiple ways. Use it for multiple mobile applications your company crates. Simply download and edit in the editing software of choice. You can reuse the template as well for other products and services you may want to promote.

5. Simple Mobile App Roll-Up Banner

simple mobile app roll up banner Download

One could say that n simplicity, we find the ultimate form of sophistication. This mobile app roll-up banner may have a simple and minimalistic design, but do not let that fool you. This roll-up banner was designed by professionals to catch the attention of your potential customers.

6. Mobile App Business Roll-Up Banners

mobile app business roll up banners Download

Running a business that creates mobile apps is no easy task. Be sure to market your latest mobile apps with this mobile app business roll-up banner. Make sure that your customers and potential customers know what you offer. This eye-catching roll-up banner is sure to have heads turning.

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