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How to Make a Church Postcard [7+ Templates]

If you need an effective marketing tool to reach people from near and far, you might want to consider postcards. Even in our world today, where everything is considered to be digital, sending postcards, are still relevant as they make invitations or letters more personal. Postcards can be a very helpful outreach strategy for churches, regardless of what purpose it may be. With that in mind, this article has the goal of teaching you how to make a church postcard and will also show you some church postcard templates that you can consider for use.

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5 Steps to Make a Church Postcard

Step 1: Choose an online template

Postcards are honestly easy to make even without the use of a computer. But if you want a professionally-made postcard, it’s best to use templates that are readily available for download online. These templates are pre-formatted with texts, graphics, and layout that can be easily edited and customized.

Step 2: Fill in built-in texts

These postcard online templates already have built-in texts, but you can always customize these texts. Start filling in some basic information such as the recipient’s name, the recipient’s address, date, signature, and the zip code. Make sure to type in the full address of the receiver to make sure it gets to the right doorstep.

Step 3: Personalize it

Use the space on the left side of the card to write a personal letter to the receiver of the message. You can choose whether to write formally or informally. However, if it’s a church postcard, depending on the purpose of the card, it’s preferred to write formally. Be clear and concise on important details to avoid misunderstandings or confusion.

Step 4: Print your church postcard template

Postcards can be printed on any type of paper, it can even be printed on wood or in thin metal. You can consult a professional for other printing methods to create a unique postcard. The conventional postcard has a size of 148 x 105 mm or 5.8 x 4.1 inches. Also, take note not to make your paper stock thinner than .007 as lightweight postcards cost a more expensive stamp.

Step 5: Ask for mailing instructions

Attach a postcard stamp on the back, upper right corner of your postcard. If you are using a thicker paper stock as a printing medium for your church postcard, you might want to consider using a letter stamp instead. For more specific and clear instructions, visit your nearest mailing office.

7+ Church Postcard Templates

1. Church Event Postcard Template


Looking for the perfect postcard for your upcoming church event? Here’s our Church Event Postcard Template to help you out! Invite people from abroad into your most awaited event by sending them this professionally-made postcard. This postcard can be easily edited to suit your needs and is customizable.

2. Church Invitation Postcard Design


One of the best ways to compel people to come into a church is by sending them an invitation, and that’s what this postcard does. Invite people into your church by mailing them this Church Invitation Postcard Template. A church postcard template that is made by a professional with top quality in mind.

3. Church Marketing Postcard Template


Expand your church ministry with this Church Marketing Postcard Template. This church postcard template might just exactly help you reach a marketing goal with its elegant design. Effectively invite church-goers or potential partners with its definite layout that doesn’t take away the spotlight from the content of the postcard.

4. Church Essentials Postcard Template

This Church Essentials Postcard Template is a must-have stationary tool in your church or denomination. This church postcard template features an elegant and stylish design with its black and red theme colors. It also features a unique layout that breaks out from the conventional postcard type. Download this template today!

5. Modern Church Postcard Template

Invite folks into your annual church event with this Harvest Celebration Church Postcard Template. This template is very versatile as you can use this for any event you have in mind. Its layout and design can be easily moved, resized, or replaced, making editing a much easier job for you.

6. Security Church Postcard Template

Grab this Security Church Postcard Template today to have that one perfect church postcard to mail to people from near and far. Invite people with this easily edited template and have more confidence in sending these out. This template most importantly can be edited using various design software that is modern and on any device.

7. Mother’s Legacy Church Postcard Template

Do you need a church postcard for your big church event dedicated to mothers? Here’s our Mother’s Legacy Church Postcard Template. Make every mother feel loved and honored with this soft template. Easily input texts with it’s a pre-formatted layout, and feel free to edit this on modern design software on both desktop and mobile.

8. Gospel Fest Postcard Church Template

Stay hassle-free and chill with this Gospel Fest Postcard Church Template. This template has an attractive color scheme that comes along with customizable content that you can edit according to your preference. This template overall can be easily edited using modern applications such as Adobe Photoshop. Download it today!

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