30+ Magnetic Paper Clip Holder Designs


Paper clips are something you will find on each and every desk. They are extremely helpful, and easy to use. But storing them can be a bit of trouble. They get tangled or they just don’t look good. But there are a few things you can do to make sure that the paper clips are kept in a unique way which will look good.

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You will find many top quality ideas on paper clip holder designs online for free. These offer premium features which help you store your paper clips without any problems.

Felli -Turtle Clip Holder

felli turtle clip holder

This Felli -Turtle Paper Clip Holder is available in endearing and striking compact design so it occupies minimum space. It can be used an attractive gift item and can also be suited for personal use also. Made from high quality material, this holder comes with an exclusive container so that paper clips can be stored there.

Magnetic Desk Clip Holder

magnetic desk clip holder

This Magnetic Desk Clip Holder is ideal to use in home as well as in offices. It is available in assorted stone design along with a round shaped steel base. Delicate in shape and being shatterproof nature, These Magnetic Paper Clip Holders can be custom made in several shapes and sizes as well.


bear on ice clip holder

This Bear on Ice Clip Holder is used as an attractive desk accessory that can be used as gifting purpose. It is designed with a transparent dome which shows the bear very clearly. Some paperclips are provided with it as an added advantage.

Racing Car Paper Clip Holder

racing car paper clip holder

This Racing Car Paper Clip Holder is extremely useful for holding paper clips and ensures ease of use. It is designed in such a way that it can be used as a decorative desk item.

Bobble Head Lion Paper Clip Holder

bobble head lion paper clip holder

As its name suggests, this bobble head lion paper clip holder is obtainable in incredibly unique and startling design. These Magnetic Paper Clip Holders are able to hold clips on its magnetic tails and heads simultaneously.


mouse paper clip holder

This mouse paper clip holder is very cute and compact in design and requires very less space. This holder with a diameter of 3.75″H x 4.5” can hold 20 clips at a glance. It can be used as a gift item and can also be used as a desk-organizer.

Green Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

green magnetic paper clip holder

Anyone can choose this green magnetic paper clip holder as a birthday gift and can also be used as Santa gift. It is designed from high quality raw material which ensures its sturdiness. It has a round shape magnet fitted inside, so that paper clips can be stored with no hazards.

Desk Egg, Paper Clip Holder

desk egg paper clip holder

Koziol PI Paper Clip Holder

koziol pi paper clip holder

Koziol PI Paper Clip Holder comes in a very eye-catching white color and can instantly enhance the space where it is kept. This holder has a round base where these clips can be kept with the magnetic force.

Koziol CURLY Paper Clip Holder

koziol curly paper clip holder

Koziol Curly Paper Clip Holder is designed from high quality plastic and comes with some assorted steel clips. Its bright and eye-catching color and unique shape can enlighten your office desk.

Rolodex Mesh Collection Oval Supply Caddy

rolodex mesh collection oval supply caddy

3-Tier Swivel Tower Clip Holder

3 tier swivel tower clip holder

Officemate Designer Paper Clip

officemate designer paper clip

Pussy Magnet Paper Holder

thumbs up pussy magnet paper holder

This Pussy Magnet Paper Holder is able to attract staples as well as paper clips. Its unique cat shape makes it ideal for gift item and can also be used a paper weight.

Lamb Sheep Design Binder Paper Clip Holder

lamb sheep design binder paper clip holder

Lamb Sheep Design Binder Paper Clip Holder is designed with a strong magnet which can hold many clips at a time. This Holder is available in a dimension of 8.5 X 6.8 cm.

Colorful Butt Stationary Holder

colorful butt stationary holder

Sea Shells Paper clip & holder

sea shells paper clip holder

Koziol EMILY Paper Clip Holder

koziol emily paper clip holder

Misaki Clip Holder

misaki clip holder

Devil Paper Clip Holder

devil paper clip holder

Chip Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

chip magnetic paper clip holder

Scissors and Paper Clips Holder

scissors and paper clips holder

Magnetic Paper Clip Dispenser

magnetic paper clip dispenser

Qualy Nest Sparrow Paper Clip Holder

qualy nest sparrow paper clip holder

Hand Pen Paper Holder

hand pen paper holder

Kitty cartoon Clip

kitty cartoon clip

Paper Clip mini clip custom shape

paper clip mini clip custom shape

Paper Clip Holder Desk Accessories

paper clip holder desk accessories

Paper Clip Holder Tin

paper clip holder tin

Magnetic Paper Clip Holder

magnetic paper clip holder


If you are looking for a designer gift item, then surely Magnetic Paper Clip Holders could be an option to choose from. Either its birthday, or as a diwali gift, it can be well fitted with no confusion.

Use something which is small do not make a paper clip holder which is too big and will take up a lot of space. That will create problems on your desk. Make sure they are easy to take from the holder. You do not want to spend too much time to pluck the paper clips from the holder. You can also see Examples of Boarding Pass Designs.

Create something which looks unique that will help you to brighten up your desk as well keep your paper clips in check. Keeping an attractive holder will also make sure that you do not miss where you kept your paper clips. Go brainstorm now and make the best paper clip holder you can think off.

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