20+ Exhilarating Hand Paintings


Artists exert their effort to show their passion and interest, actually telling a story about themselves. There are several ways to present your story prevailing in your mind. One of these methods, is through the Hand Paintings. You cannot imagine how an artist can develop a painting through his bare hands. It is consider as being the smartest way to utilize the mind. Hand Painting is actually the presentation of life events confined into a frame. It enables you to comprehend the message in the art from a different visualization. Following are the top ten mesmerizing hand paintings. See this also Magical Paintings.

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Beautiful Majestic Pinto Horse Painting

majestic pinto horse painting

Painting a horse is not easy as it seems. You must have seen different horse paintings, but this painting definitely stands out. The artist tried to bring his customer’s attention to the beautifully painted mane of the horse. Source

Free Mountain Laural Hand Painted Art

mountain laural hand painted art

A tree is beautiful and it can be hand painted in a different color tone. Here is an awesome hand painted print of a tree that will amaze you with the color blend used in this simple picture with extraordinary brilliance.


Download Wild Run Hand Made Painting

wild run hand made painting

Drawing a running horse is challenging and hand painting it’s more than a challenge. Here is an awesome picture of a running horse in multiple scattered colors that will make you wonder about its color blend, looks, and artistic value.


Film Edits Music System Hand Painting

film edits music system hand painting

This continues picture of thin films with 4 continues frames are really fantastic. The 4 images drawn individually to make the impression of a single picture are really unique, exciting and impressive. This image will inspire you to think out of the box.


Market Day hand Painting

market day hand painting

The market day is a portrait that would make you think of pursuing your painting career in a more serious way. The crowded market depicted in light colors will just make you excited with its simple but eye-catching perfection


Download Waters Edge Painting

waters edge painting

This beautiful picture of a shore with brilliantly white sand and some country boats will certainly blow you off. The illustration of the ships in the water is really impressive and will recreate the life situation in your mind.


Download Hand Painted Art – Lace

hand painted art lace

This image o the hanging light is one of the best in the dark and light portraying. The light hanging in the dark room with all its glory is just amazing the detailing of the picture is really the one which truly deserves an appreciation


Beautiful Time Ebb Hand Painted Art

time ebb hand painted art

This hand painting of a town with a busy street is really a nice one that can inspire you for the next painting. The car and the street painted with multiple colors will really make you feel that you are standing on a real street.


Awesome Curiosity Elephant Painting

curiosity elephant painting

Elephants are so majestic and depicting them in paintings is really fun. Here is a very beautiful image of an elephant that walks with its heads up. The painting holds all the glory and pride of the elephant in its beautiful black skin.


Best Hand Painting Floral Mirage in Ice

hand painting floral mirage in ice

Combined images are a new trend in painting and here is a beautiful example for that. The 4 pictures portrayed are made to 4 different frames and are kept together to get the impression of the whole picture.


Exhilarating ROY Hand Painting

roy hand painting

Puppies are cute. You would have noticed a lot of cute puppy images but this one is unique. The beautiful picture which is a blend of colors shows its face, expression and even minute details in one go.


Free Butterfly On Display Painting

butterfly on display painting

Have you ever wondered that the beauty of a butterfly can completely recreate in a canvas? If yes, here is the answer to your dilemma. This awesome hand painted picture of the butterfly will impress you in the first site itself.


Baby Hand Painted Custom Water Color Portrait

baby hand painted custom water color portrait

Pictures and paintings of cute babies are common. But this one is epic with a different expression in the face. It looks sad curious and hopeful at the same time. This picture is one of the best examples of hand paintings that recreate life.


Overlooking The Sea Painting

overlooking the sea painting

The town beyond a sea is a wonderful sight. It becomes more hearty and attractive when it’s created with paint. This hand painting of a town across the sea will make you wonder about the ability of an artist to recreate something more beautiful than the real one.


Beautiful Majestic Pinto Horse Painting

majestic pinto horse painting

Painting a horse is not easy as it seems. You must have seen different horse paintings, but this painting definitely stands out. The artist tried to bring his customer’s attention to the beautifully painted mane of the horse. Source

Download Fabulous Red Barn Painting

red barn painting

This minimalistic hand painting will blow you away with its subtleness. It is an original hand painted canvas. Not a lot of colours have been used in this painting, but it still manages to catch your eyes. Source

Contemplation Lady Hand Painting Download

contemplation lady hand painting

A human figure is one of the most complex objects to draw, especially because you need to make the picture look lifelike, with expression. This is a beautiful hand painting of a lady wearing a beautiful black dress. Source

Awesome Children In The Sea Painting

children in the sea painting

Hand painting is not as easy as it seems. This is a beautiful painting of two small girls holding hands and bathing in the sea. The hue of the sea is so amazingly put forward by the artist. It almost looks real. Source

Embers Turn To Stars Beautiful Hand Painting

embers turn to stars beautiful hand painting

This is a beautiful painting by an artist named Jerry LoFaro. This painting has an image of two hands holding each other under the starlit sky with fire burning from their touch. This looks more like a photograph than a painting. Source

Black Beauty Hand Painting Art

black beauty hand painting art

Painting a running horse can turn out to be quite difficult. This is a gorgeous painting of a horse running. The horse has been painted black. You can tell it is a hand painting by looking at the strokes. Source

The human hand is a work of splendour. It is a tool which can create marvellous forms of work. Hand painting is a very difficult but utterly beautiful art form. The above few templates are an example of that. You can download or print these templates for use in project works or art and crafts.

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