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6+ Activity Map Templates

Creating maps and diagrams out of long stories, articles, and other informative sources are ways of organizing your thoughts, concepts, and main points of what you have just read. It is a way of mapping out what is important as well as highlighting the main gist and its content. Check out these Story Map Templates and see different ways of organizing information.

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Maps are available for flexible purposes—be it in school, in the office, or even organizations. In another sense, activity maps are ways of summarizing reports, stories, and instructions. It is indeed very useful as you come up with more articles to digest for easier understanding, review, and reference.

Strategic Activity Map Template


Activity System Smaple Template


Education Activity Map Template


Life Map Activity Template


Types of Concept Maps

You could construct different maps and diagrams out of anything that you want to summarize and shorten. If you’re after important notes of a specific article, concept maps and diagrams will do you a favor with this one. You only have to pick out which heading or information you would want to elaborate and you are step closer to creating a complete concept map.

Here are different types of concept maps you could use:

  • Hierarchy concept map. This type of map will provide you different spaces for different types of information that you want to present or summarize. From the name itself—hierarchy—it organizes your information in a descending order, depending on the level of importance of each the information that you input.
  • Flowchart concept map. Any format complements a flowchart concept map, but mostly, this concept map organizes information in linear format. Arrows could be made use of to determine the “flow” of information that it portrays.
  • Systems concept map. This type of map deals with different ideas in one concept map. It will have various categories that will allow readers and audience to identify which information separates from another type of information. This map also has no limit as to what classification or category you could input as “systems.”

These types of concept maps are the widely used ones. There are a lot more ways of simplifying information, and everything could all be up to your convenience and preference. You could even make use of these Circle Map Templates for a cyclic-inspired type of concept map.

Activity Plan Mind Map Template

Free Printable Activity Map Template


Editable Activity Map Template


Types of Diagrams

Diagrams are also creative ways of organizing information. These could come in graphics of information and even geometric figures to present ideas and concepts. Diagrams usually show interconnection and interrelation between different ideas and how things are complimentary on an aspect contingent to relative information.

Here are different types of diagrams you could use:

  • Block diagram. This type of diagram mainly uses blocks that are connected in lines to show correlation in the ideas presented in the blocks.
  • Cycle diagram. This type of diagram represents a particular cycle that primarily is used for steps or transition information. This way, a particular cycle is easy to comprehend and recall at the same time.
  • Cluster diagram. Clusters are useful ways to present and retain information. A cluster diagram classifies information according to different aspects or factors that may seem fit.

There are definitely countless other types of diagrams to choose from. The right type of diagram could really organize your presentations well. See more ways on how to organize your presentations through these Process Map Templates.

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