16+ Bakery Templates & Designs

Do you own a bakery shop and you want to spread the news of it? For this purpose, you can print brochures, flyers, banners, posters and many other things but you might not know how to design them; thus the existence of bakery templates. You can edit them at ease and insert your own data. The file comes with editable texts and easily customizable PSD layers. You can also see Bakery Menu Template.

Bakery A3 Tri-Bold Brochure Template

Bakery A3 Tri-fold brochure

This is a baby pink colored tri-fold brochure which can be used to input details about the bakery, its contact details, and the updated price list. The template comes in the form of PSD file which can be easily edited in terms of designs and texts by using Adobe Photoshop.

Bakery A4 Bi Fold Brochure

Bakery A4 Bi Fold Brochure

This template consists of the front and the back design of the file. As you can see, the first page is meant for the company’s name and tag line, along with a few details about it, and the back portion is used to list down the different food items available in the shop along with their pictures.

Bakery Ad Banners Template

Bakery Ad Banners Template

All the basic preparations regarding the opening of your shop are ready but you still have to do some marketing related displays. Worry not. Use this particular template. This file contains 5 types of advertisement banners, each being of different size. You can easily edit the texts and the design using Adobe Photoshop.

Bakery Billboard Design Template

Bakery Billboard Design Template

The picture of cupcakes which takes almost 1/4th of the billboard space is eye-catching. You can use this template to create a billboard for your bakery shop which will comprise of the shop’s name, contact details and a little bit of introduction. All you need to do is edit this file either in Photoshop or in Illustrator.

Bakery Business Card Design

Bakery Business Card

This is a typical format of a business card template which happens to be pink in color. You can use software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw to edit and customize this file. The file is print friendly and has a high resolution of 300 DPI.

Bakery E-Book Cover Page Template Design

Bakery E-Book Cover Page

It is known to all that readers are becoming much aware of the environmental hazards and thus are resorting to ebooks, tablets, and kindles for reading purpose. If you want to target such people for your advertisement spread, then you can go for this template. This is basically an ebook cover page which can be easily edited and printed using Photoshop.

Bakery Envelope Design Template

 Bakery Envelope Design Template

Do you want your customers to be updated regarding your upcoming promotions and discount offers? Then you should send them paper based newsletters every now and then. You can use this particular template to create personalized envelopes which will hold the letter inside. The file is easily editable using Photoshop.

Beautiful Bakery Flyer Template

Bakery Flyer Template

Flyers are easy to distribute and they spread the news of anything pretty fast. You can resort to this option if you want your customers to know about your bakery shop. This template consists of enough space where you can mention a bit about your company and the discount offer code if it is going on. The file is easily editable using Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel Draw.

Best Bakery Identity Card

Bakery Identity Card

Isn’t this identity card sample very chic and cool to look at? You can use this template to create ID cards for your employees. This will give them a feel of belongingness and boost their confidence up to a whole new level. The file is very print friendly and of a high resolution.

Awesome Bakery Invoice

Bakery Invoice

Always make sure that you are using personalized invoice for billing purposes. Not only will it help you to maintain your accounts and bills but also it is helpful for your customers. It will help them as well as you to know what all have they bought against the price.

Bakery Letterhead Design Template Download

Bakery Letterhead

This casual and funky looking letterhead template can be used to carry out all sorts of official works of the bakery shop. You can easily insert the logo at the left-hand upper corner of the page and the contact details on the bottom line. Use this blank portion in the middle for the main body text.

Bakery Post Card With Cream Design

Bakery Post Card

You can also do the marketing of your shop using postcards of this sort. Use the right-hand part for inserting personalized pictures and the left-hand part will consist of the details related to the shop and discount codes or offers if any. You can print it out in dimensions of 4.25×6.25-inch.

Bakery Poster Template Design

Bakery Poster

Take your marketing skills to a whole new level. Stick posters on the wall and spread the news of your new bakery shop. This template can be used for that purpose. You can print it on a maximum of A3 sized paper. The texts are easily editable and can be done so by using Photoshop, Illustrator or Corel Draw.

Bakery Rack Card Download

Bakery Rack Card

Almost all shops keep cards like these on their racks which can be easily approached by customers. They tend to take them if they want to place take away or home delivery based orders in the near future. The template here can be used to create such a thing using Photoshop, Ai or Corel Draw.

Bakery Social Cover Page

Bakery Social Cover Page

Nowadays, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many others have become the medium of marketing. You can use this particular template for carrying out your social marketing purpose as the bundle here contains easily customizable layers of different sizes (meant for various kinds of social media sites). Amazing cover picture and picture content designs can be made using them.

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