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7+ Bottle Wrapper Templates

Having a catchy bottle wrapper is the very first thing that consumers look at. Admit it, before judging the content, we first base on the appearance if it is worth a try or not. Bottle selling companies make sure that in order for the product to reach potential customers’ appeal, they need to create a perfect design for their bottle product—water bottle, juice drink bottle, or beer or any alcoholic bottle—and they need to ensure that it is something that will stand out above the rest.

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Bottle wrappers can be in any forms and styles, some may contain very colorful layout, and others opt for a monochromatic look. Here, we offer downloadable bottle wrapper designs that will surely catch not just your attention but also towards consumers. We also have water bottle label template designs you might be interested in. See below for what we offer.

Bubble Bottle Wrapper Template


Soda Bottle Wrapper Template


Wine Bottle Wrapper Template


Plastic Bottle Wrapper Template


Bottle Shrink Wrapper Template


The Disadvantages of Poor Product Packaging

In order to reach customers attention, especially when reaching a huge mass of consumers, there are certain strategies that businessmen need to obtain, and one of them is strategizing product appearance. This is one of the most important things that product makers need to ensure. Having a poor packaging design can have a negative impression.

Will Drive Off Customers

People tend to judge a product a lot by its packaging. You may have the best product quality, but if your packaging is somewhat scanty, then no consumers will be attracted—worst, this can lead them to turn away from it. Product design plays a huge important role in the business world.

Keeps You Away from Boosting Your Brand

Customers are drawn to the product’s appearance first before its quality. They associate great packaging with great products. If you go for plain and boring packaging, then people will think that your product is plain and boring as well. No matter how excellent the quality of your product may actually be.

Decreased Shelf Life

The better your packaging, the longer your product will last in a fit-for-purpose state. This is not only beneficial for your customers, but it is also beneficial for you. The better your packaging is at doing what it is supposed to do, the lesser chance of your product being returned, left unsold, or past is prime.

Always remember that great product packaging will always draw people’s attention. So product designing should and must be a top priority apart from its quality.

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Vintage Bottle Wrapper Template


How to Design Impactful Packaging

  • You must know the statistical background. The key here is research, research, and research about your target market. Great packaging doesn’t have to be expensive. As long as it is a design that is a cut from the usual ones that most people see. It’s an inexpensive solution that gives each item a high-end feel.
  • Make the package part of the experience. Part of the reason it’s so fun to unbox a new Apple product is that its packaging reflects the sleek, user-friendly experience of the product inside. It is a feeling of excitement every time people will look and get a hold of your product.
  • Eco-friendly options are a great choice. A packaging that’s recyclable or reusable is always a reason for a consumer to choose your brand over your competitor’s. There are numerous reasons why you should go with an eco-friendly style. One reason is, eco-friendly packaging can make your brand stand out from the rest.

If product designing is not in your field of expertise, you can always go for an easy and simple way of product designing, and that is utilizing packaging templates. If you are having a hard time deciding a perfect design for your bottle wrappers, then our bottle wrapper templates are the answer. We even got candy bar wrapper templates you could use if your bottle is a tie-in with your candy product. They are all editable and download-ready. Download a copy now.

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