68 Best Christmas Craft Templates, Printable Christmas Crafts

Looking for attractive Christmas craft and art templates? Good news – there’s so much variety in terms of shapes and sizes of Christmas templates for arts and crafts that you might find it a bit of task to limit yourself to a few dozens! Truly, with so many craft templates from Christmas theme quarters on offer, you are in for a Christmas season that gives wings to your creativity.

An introduction to the design aplomb of Christmas craft templates

Dancing reindeers, partying Santas, flying angels, and showers of gold – this is just the beginning of your dip through the pools of Christmas craft templates. Pick up basic craft templates such as patterns of shapes like stars and circles, and print them on tracing paper.

Use your home-made tracing pages to create all kinds of Christmas designs on chart papers, fill them in with all the colours you want, and cut them out to add your lovely Christmas craft assets to craft boars and scrapbooks.

Be creative with Christmas craft templates

Craft templates for Christmas explore the complete spectrum of colours, and you are in for a treat of you have a colour printer that can quickly translate these astounding digital images on glossy paper with all the richness of colours.

Stick your craft cut outs on card board, cut out along indicated edges, and you have your ready to use wall decoratives and DIY Christmas crafts to flaunt. Not only can you hone your craft skills using these templates, but can also add them to your Christmas greetings to ensure that recipients of your wishes don’t forget you all year long!

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Christmas Presents Hand made

  • christmas presents hand made 4

Christmas Crafts

  • christmas crafts 15

Christmas Decoration

  • christmas decoration 12

Christmas Decoration Handmade Toys

  • christmas decoration handmade toys 7

Christmas Decoration Handmade Toys

  • christmas decoration handmade toys 8

Christmas Decorations

  • christmas decorations 9

Christmas Wreath

  • christmas wreath 17

Felted Snowman Ornament

  • felted snowman ornament 2

Handmade Christmas Cards

  • handmade christmas cards 14

Handmade Christmas Decoration

  • handmade christmas decoration 3

Handmade Christmas Decoration

  • handmade christmas decoration 5

Handmade Plasticine Christmas Card

  • handmade plasticine christmas card 13

Handmade Toy Christmas Deer

  • handmade toy christmas deer 6

Hawkestyle Christmas Crafts

  • hawkestyle christmas crafts 16

Old Paper Christmas Decorations

  • old paper christmas decorations 11

Paper Christmas Star

  • paper christmas star 10

Polymer Clay Christmas Craft

  • polymer clay christmas craft 18

Amazing Christmas Crafts

  • amazing christmas crafts

Amazing Christmas Tree Craft

  • amazing christmas tree craft

Beautiful Christmas Star Template

  • beautiful christmas star template

Beautiful Paper Christmas Tree Crafts

  • beautiful paper christmas tree crafts

Best Christmas Crafts

  • best christmas crafts

Best Christmas Crafts for Kids

  • best christmas crafts for kids

Bright Green Paper Christmas Tree Craft

  • bright green paper christmas tree craft

Button Christmas Tree Craft

  • button christmas tree craft

Button Ornaments Craft

  • button ornaments cratf

Candy Cane Mouse Christmas Craft

  • candy cane mouse christmas craft

Christmas Balls Craft Template

  • christmas baals craft template

Christmas Crafts

  • christmas crafts

Christmas Crafts for Kids

  • christmas crafts for kids

Christmas Craft Snowmen

  • christmas craft snowmen

Christmas Crafts With Paper

  • christmas crafts with paper

Christmas Ornaments Craft

  • christmas ornaments craft

Christmas Snowmen Template

  • christmas snowmen template

Christmas Star Craft Template

  • christmas star craft template

Christmas Tree Craft

  • christmas tree craft

Christmas Tree Craft Idea

  • christmas tree craft idea

Christmas Tree Decor Crafts

  • christmas tree decor crafts

Christmas Tree with Cake

  • christmas tree with cake

Christmas Wreath Craft

  • christmas wreath craft

Christmas Wreath to Decor

  • christmas wreath to decor craft

Cool Christmas Craft

  • cool christmas craft

Cute Christmas Owl Crafts

  • cute christmas owl crafts

DIY Christmas Lollipops Ornament

  • diy christmas lollipops ornament

Elegant Christmas Craft

  • elegant christmas craft

Excellent Christmas Craft

  • excellent christmas craft

Fabulous Christmas Craft

  • fabulous christmas craft

Famous CP Christmas Tree Craft

  • famous cp christmas tree craft

Felt Flower Christmas Ornament

  • felt flower christmas ornament

Foam Christmas Ornaments Craft

  • foam christmas ornaments craft

Green Paper Christmas Ornaments Crafts

  • green paper christmas ornaments crafts

Handprint Christmas Crafts

  • handprint christmas crafts

HandPrint Reindeer

  • handprint reindeer

Kids Christmas Crafts

  • kids christmas crafts

Paper Christmas Ornaments Crafts

  • paper christma ornaments crafts

Paper Plate Christmas Crafts

  • paper plate christmas crafts

Recycled Christmas Deco Craft

  • recycled christmas deco craft

Reindeer Thumb Print Ornament

  • reindeer thumb print ornament

Santa Christmas Craft

  • santa christmas craft

Santa Claus Christmas Craft

  • santa claus christmas craft

Snow Flakes From Plastic Bottles

  • snow flakes from plastic bottles

Snowman Christmas Template

  • snowman christmas template

Snowmen Craft Template

  • snowmen craft template

White Paper Christmas Craft

  • white paper christmas craft

White Reindeer Paper Christmas Craft

  • white reindeer paper christmas craft

Winter Wonderland

  • winter wonderland

X-mas Tree Craft for Kids

  • x mas tree craft for kids

X-mas Tree Craft Template

  • x mas tree craft template

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