35+ Free Envelope Templates


Revisiting the sample envelopes in the age of cloud storage and personal messages may sound a bit odd, but it’s time we include these brilliant options for a guaranteed aesthetic appeal. With varied shapes and sizes, most of the envelope designs are prefabricated and the set pieces need to be downloaded and adjusted accordingly.

Minimal Blue

minimal blue


Corporate Christmas Design.

corporate christmas design

This is a template format that can be easily downloaded from the internet where it is available in the form of word document.

Modern Photographer’s Envelope Template

modern photographers envelope templat

Simple and neat, this is one of the best formats that can be downloaded for creation of envelopes for formal and office purpose work. The design is professionally done.

Corporate Identity Pack

corporate identity pack

This is an envelope template that has a unique concept. The colors used are bold and very offbeat. The templates are fully editable and can be changed as per requirement.

Corporate Identity Business Set Design

corporate identity business set design

The color and the design theme of the template are very fresh and unique. The template is highly navigable and has responsive features.

Personable Blogger Envelope Template

personable blogger envelope template

The format has one of the most effective formats that can be used for the purpose of making really formal envelopes. The template is print ready.

Curvy Green – Identity Kit

curvy green identity kit

This envelope template has a simple and very fresh color play. The template is customizable hence the user can change the color scheme as per requirement.

Stationery Template Design

stationery template design

The template is attainable in the form of word documents. It has retina friendly images and is also much SEO friendly.

Vintage Bookstore Envelope Template

vintage bookstore envelope template

Simple and elegant this is a template format that can support neat and corporate envelope formats. The template is SEO friendly and has a great resolution range.

Metro Style Corporate Identity

metro style stationary


High Quality Print

high quality print


Stationery Template Design with Card

stationery template design with card

This is a format that has a very bright look. The template has a ready to print facility. The high resolution range enables the user to get very good quality printout.

Bold Chevron Patterned Envelope Template

bold chevron patterned envelope template

This is an envelope template that can be used for the purpose of creating very impressive envelopes. The style is simple and very elegant. It can support corporate formats.

Branding/Identity Mock-up

brandingidentity mock up

This is a template format that has a very elegant design. The colors navy blue and white has come across very well. It is ready to be printed.

Corporate Identity Business Set

corporate identity business set

The template format is simple and elegant. The color play is subtle yet bright. The user can add extra pages as required.

Vintage Repair Shop Envelope Template

vintage repair shop envelope template

This is an envelope template that has a very minimalistic theme. The user can easily download this from the web world. The format layout can give rise to simple and elegant envelopes. It has responsive features and is highly navigable.

Corporate Identity

corporate identity

This is a template format that has an interesting color play. The template is compatible with different types of browsers. The user can make changes in the background as per requirement. It has 100% responsive features.

Professional corporate

professional corporate

This is a format that can give rise to some of the most interesting envelope concepts. The theme is very sleek and sophisticated.

Urban Real Estate Envelope Template

urban real estate envelope template


Vandel Corporate Identity Package

vandel corporate identity package


Misc Long Red Envelope Template

misc long red envelope template


Modern Style Vector Template

modern style vector template


Dragon Red Envelope Template

dragon red envelope template1


7-Pack High Quality Print

7 pack high quality print


Dragon Red Envelope

dragon red envelope template


QR Corporate Identity

qr corporate identity


Funky Stationery Set Design

funky stationery set design in editable vector format


High Quality Print

high quality print ready


Architect Engineering Firm Envelope

architect engineering firm envelope design detail


Dentist Dental Office Envelope

dentist dental office envelope


Ballet Dance School Envelope

ballet dance school envelope design detail


Envelops Print Templates



Envelope Vector Template

envelope vector template


Catering Wedding Bakery Envelope

catering wedding bakery


Envelop Templates



Bakery Pastry Restaurant Envelope

bakery pastry restaurant envelope


Availability of several envelope printing templates does add to the resourcefulness and make envelope selections comparatively easy. Most of these templates are nothing but the predefined layouts which can be scaled either up or down, according to the requirements and the final print has to be taken. Colors and graphics can be modified with certain premium options whereas the free printing templates provide all the basic features. Be it the dolphins embedded or the polka dots, varied designs and clip arts make the backbone of these top class templates. Once the color and visual considerations are taken care of, one must emphasize on the dimensions which can be varied accordingly without compromising on the quality of the Envelope Templates. Adjust the requirements based on the best in business essentials available online which contribute to the development of the older ideas in a completely newer format with cut pieces and scalable envelope layouts. The envelope templates can be employed for the purpose of making very stylish and attractive envelopes that can be used for various purposes and occasions. If you have any DMCA issues on this post, please contact us!

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