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30+ Free Newsletter Templates – Free PSD, AI, Vector, EPS Format

Newsletters are important marketing tools that let you communicate your business with your customers regularly. People have to find your newsletter dramatic and engaging enough to hold their interests. Professionally designed newsletters are capable of this. Here is a collection of effective free newsletter templates with internal link anchor text. You can further customize them to suit your tastes.

213+ FREE & PRO NEWSLETTER Templates - Download Now Adobe Photoshop (PSD), HTML,Outlook

33+ Free Newsletter Templates

Fashion Sale Newsletter Free Template

Newsletters are always going to be a great source of information. This fashion sale newsletter template features an elegant and straight forward layout to display your latest fashion sale items in newsletters, e-commerce sites, and shops. Since fashion is an important part of people’s lives, this would definitely help you sell your products. Try them out now!

Financial Business Newsletter Template

This financial newsletter template is called Merge. It is bright and sharp; has a savvy design. It can be used to share news, tips, and insights related to money matters. As you know how to make a word newsletter and if you know what information you’re going to put in it, then you can guarantee that people are going to enjoy whatever you’ve made.

Bold Business Newsletter Template

This bold business newsletter helps modern businesses to leave a lasting impression on their customers with its heavy style and substance readiness. It can be customized to suit your business needs. Company newsletters will come in handy while designing a business newsletter with all the services and products you provide to your potential customers.

Food and Restaurant E-Newsletters Template

For food, the better your newsletter design, the more customers you draw towards you. Design acts as an effective way to improve the sales of your business. This template suits restaurants, bistros, coffee shops, blogs, magazines, retailers, e-commerce, etc. It has a professional and clean design, structured and well-organized smart objects and layers, and customizable elements. Add mouth-watering pictures, as they are really effective while designing food newsletters.

How to Create a Newsletter

  • Purpose: Firstly, know why you are creating the newsletter. This is an essential step. If you do not know why you are creating it, it would be difficult to create the perfect one that suits the topic in your mind. Basic newsletter templates would be of great help to you for creating the perfect newsletter for your business. This should also mention your goals.
  • Design and Layout: Choose the perfect template that will suit your newsletter the best. Pick the perfect theme that will sync with your newsletter and the kind of business you run. Choose the right layout, so that you can fit in all the information and also, a few images so that your readers can understand better.
  • Target Audience: Once you decide on your purpose of why you are creating a basic newsletter, know who your target audience would be. This will help you understand what kind of content you need to put in the newsletter. Use legible and easily understandable language.
  • Add Content: The next step would be for you to add content, that is, the necessary information you need your readers to know about you. Include perfect headlines and fonts that go with the newsletter. Do not fill it with only texts, but make it a mix of images and texts together. Also, do not forget t mention your company’s logo.
  • Trial and Update: The final step would be giving your newsletter a try. Give it to a few people close to you and ask them if you need to change anything and update accordingly. Do this on a regular basis, so that you know what readers and clients would expect from you.

Free Technology Newsletter Template

Technology plays an important role, especially since there have been enormous technological advancements. Email newsletters also play an important role, as almost everybody has a smartphone to check their emails on the go. This template would come in really handy for you if you plan on telling your readers what difference can technology make on their minds.

Hotel Deals and Offers Newsletter Template

Running a hotel is not a simple job. You need sales to keep running. Use this template for your hotel, to show the services you provide to your guests. This beautiful, yet colorful template will help you design the best newsletter for your hotel business. It has been designed specifically for hotels and travel newsletters. Its professional and clean design, customizable elements, and structured pattern make it look worth a read. The employee newsletter could be useful to you to make a rather important read on your employees.

Digital Newsletter Template

Digital newsletters look way better than the handy ones because if their high-quality display. Terra-cotta is a completely customizable newsletter template with a grainy texture and earthly appearance. It can be perfectly viewed on any kind of device because of its fluid layout. Weekly newsletters can be sent out digitally to any of the registered devices if your users, so that they can take a look at the unique designs you have.

Free E-Newsletter PSD Template

Newsletters are cost-effective mediums that help you build relationships and maintain constant contact with your customers. This template is an elegant and clean looking free e-newsletter PSD template to be used for modern businesses. It can be edited according to your taste and needs. Use basic and mild color coordination, so that it would be easy for your readers to read.

Classroom Newsletter Template

This is a sleek classroom newsletter template to share announcements, class progress, upcoming events, and student recognition in an easy to read format. It can also be used as a printable newsletter template, as it can be distributed in class for everyone to have a look at and read. This customizable template has two pages and it totally editable. You will love the way it is presented. Check it out now!

Jelly Banana e-Newsletter Template

Newsy is a newsletter PSD template that is unique, creative, and easily customizable. It has a pixel-perfect layout and a valid and clean code. It has seven different sections. It helps users keep a check on their workout and challenges so that they can be healthy and use their app at the same time.

Splash Employee Newsletter Template

Citrus Splash is a blocky newsletter template that is attractive and full of vibrant designs. It has a fun-filled yet professional bearing which is sufficient enough to energize your organization. Remember to put both texts and images in your newsletters, so that readers do not get annoyed just by seeing a lot of text and information.


Thanksgiving is a huge and very famous festival celebrated in many parts of the world. Try out something new on this special occasion. Use this Thanksgiving newsletter template, which has an image of a bountiful harvest on a golden-brown background. It will give you the joy of festivity and being thankful for everything that has been a part of your life.

Business Newsletter Templates

This shopping newsletter design file is a wonderful option for any product-related sale business. It comes with different sections to make your news interesting for the reader.

Corporate Business Newsletter Template

Free Business Email Newsletter

Free Download

Free Corporate Email Newsletter

Free Download

Fashion Email Newsletter Template

Free Download

Photography Email Newsletter

Free Download

Product Email Newsletter

Free Download

Travel Email Newsletter Template

Free Download

Restaurant Email Newsletter

Free Download

Free Wedding Email Newsletter

Free Download

Marketing Email Newsletter

Free Download

Monthly Real Estate Email Newsletter

Free Download

Real Estate Email Newsletter Template

Free Download

Sales Email Newsletter

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Free Newsletter PSD Template

Real Estate E-mailer Template

Fashion Sale Newsletter Template

Financial Business Newsletter Template

Bold Business Newsletter Template

Newsletters are a great way to stay in touch with your clients, subscribers, and endorsers. However, designing newsletters can be a time-consuming and effort-taking task. Newsletter templates come handy here. You can use these to display your products, administration, and advancements in an attractive way. Our entire collection comes with internal link anchor text.

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