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Top 15 Effective Newsletter Designs you need to Consider Right Away!

Newsletters drive your sales needs. They are sent to attract the business. A good newsletter can bring business. For an effective newsletter, you must have an apt design which brings a value to it. Many of the business houses tend to fail because of their boring newsletter. The newsletter should have the best of design. The design should appeal the readers to read the content. The content should be appropriate and crisp so that the reader spends time reading the newsletter. Flashy and distractive colours should be avoided. You can also see Microsoft Newsletter Templates.

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Many of the business houses assume that their newsletter would be read but they intend to fail because of the poor content or design. The designer should come up with such designs which are captivating enough to engage the audience with them. The newsletter which you send is directed to the inbox of the readers. You tend to build a cordial relationship while doing so.

Keeping the audience informative is the key to getting your business needs. That is why it becomes a duty for the designer to cater the needs. If they fail to do so, the newsletter gets unsubscribed and you will fail to reach your target audience. You can also see Newsletter Templates.

Rip Curl

Rip Curl has used Campaign Monitor to send beautiful, engaging email campaigns with appropriate content that drive sales and brand communication.Bombshell Series email campaign showcases Rip Curl’s incredible surfers, as well as the must-have styles from their Bombshell wetsuit line, encouraging subscribers to “shop now”.This campaign has added volumes to the sales. Have a look at the newsletter here.

Wonderful Union

Wonderful union design newsletter for rockstars. They send newsletters about events and help to get business by selling tickets for the concert or event.Nicki Minaj’s event campaign was one of the successful events.The design and colour used in the tour is fairly appropriate and persuasive enough to buy the tickets.


Showtime is a satellite television channel. They telecast versatile television series. The newsletter campaign for the television series ‘Penny Dreadful’ featuring all the dynamic actors from the series gave an insight into the audience to watch the series. The design was mysteriously appealing. The content and picture were impressive enough to bring to the audience to the television set at the time mentioned in the newsletter.

The Weinstein Company

The Weinstein Company is a film production company. They also have an independent film studio. They are a budding company. The newsletter spring’s must-see new Broadway musical ‘Finding Nederland’ won all the applause’s through the newsletter. It was a simple and enticing newsletter about the show. Have a look at the design and color. See this Responsive Email Templates.

Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom send the newsletter to interact and improve their business. They have appealing modes of colors and content in the newsletter. They use social media as a tool for improving their business.


Oribe delivers high-performance, treatment-based hair products. They have the range of hair products. They focus on quality and healthy living. The glamour comes with the right set of products. They send beautiful newsletters which are read by the regular customers of the brand. They have celebrities video to give it a brand value. The newsletter features the range of product they have which is persuasive and has an appeal. This newsletter might give you an inspiration if you are looking to design in the same category. You can also see Email Newsletter Template.

Harley Davidson

Harley Davidson does not need an introduction in the market. They have loyal customers. They have the best series of the designed motorbikes in the world. They are known for their quality. This particular newsletter was sent to the customers when a new model was launched. The newsletter is so appealing that you would want to buy the product. They have appropriate content and the right picture. This newsletter could be a great inspiration for you.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is a brand across the globe. They deliver more pizza than any outlet in the world. The newsletter campaign on their offers is persuasive. They keep updating their customers with the new launches, offers and discounts. They send the best newsletter design. The picture, captions and the taglines are exceptionally good which appeals all the pizza lovers to try their pizza.

Nature’s Finest Fruits

If you’re into selling of the finest fruit products on the market, well, you’d want to pick an effective newsletter design template such this one to do the publicity of your products and makes. The design and other artistic elements of the template are well-aligned to the product you have expertise in.

Bluefrog Agency

This newsletter from bluefrog agency gives a vintage feeling. Its an invitation which is outcasted in a narrative form. The content and the pictures are so good that you will not stop yourself going their. The tagline starts as “once upon a Christmas time…” with the beautiful design and picture and wins all the attention. A designer should keep all this strategy which can be a help to business like this.


BuzzFeed is a news organization that tells stories which are worth spreading. They are popular for their articles. The subject they write has large following across the world.Each newsletter they send contains original content from the BuzzFeed site. They send a small snippet of each story along with a link to encourage people to click through to the site and read the full article.


Adidas is a multinational corporation that designs and manufactures sports shoes, clothing and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second biggest in the world. They use the newsletter as a medium to reach to their loyal customers. For every product launch, offers and discount they use this technique. The models featured in their advertisement are globally appreciated. This newsletter design is inspiring for every designer who is looking for reversal.

Did you get the kick? These top 15 newsletter design may solve all your queries. The choice of colours used in the top 15 newsletter design is innovative. All you need is a good set of choice. Try a new way of campaign like Jack Daniels did. All you need is a right amount of creativity and art. Make sure the content which runs in the newsletter is appealing. The newsletter should be produced in a manner that it persuade the customers to buy the product or avail the services. See this Word Newsletter Template.


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