8+ Meal Box Templates

Now create attention grabbing beautiful meal boxes for kids with these printable Happy Meal Box templates. Various styles and many quick designs like a layered roof and handles will certainly beautify kids’ meal boxes. There are many designs which also have the provision to add small toys in the meal paper box which would definitely attract a lot of kids.

meal box template

Download Chosun Hotel Lunch Box Template

download chosun hotel lunch box template
This is a colorful Chosun hotel lunch box template which displays varieties of dishes arranged in the lunch box to produce a great temptation. It comes in different shapes like rectangular, square and round. The food in the lunch box is arranged perfectly.

Pizza Meal Box Template Download

pizza meal box template download
This food box template comes with vector illustration and useful for making cardboard pizza box. It is a great design work and looks very realistic. It is ideal for exhibiting creativity and fun as well. The download includes image and vector EPS files.

Vintage Thermic Meal Box for $36

vintage thermic meal box for
This thermal lunch box comes with shallow tray and a deeper compartment as well. The lid of the box comes with hedgehog couple sitting in a colorfully decorated home. It is made of steel and plastic materials. It looks clean and neat.

Ready to Eat Lunch Meal Box Template

ready to eat lunch meal box template
This ready to eat meal box comes with six color variants, and various designs to excite the kids. It is created for fun as well as utilization. This lunch box is washable and comes with lids in front and back of the box.

Chinese Meal Takeout Box Template

chinese meal takeout box template
This large shaped Chinese meal box template comes with vector design and great artistry. It perfectly reflects Chinese tradition and looks very elegant. It comes with image and vector files. It also comes with chopstick and attractive meal box cover.

This British summer picnic meal box template made of cardboard comes with very attractive colors and designed with immense elegance. It comes with royal family emblems and instructions on reusing the box. It displays the edible plants of the British.

McDonald’s Happy Meal Box Template

meal box

Happy Meal Box Template Free Download

happy meal box template free download
This happy meal box template comes with a big lunch box with Happy Birthday words printed on it. It is a creative meal box built especially for birthday occasion. It comes with vector illustration and useful for catering meals during picnics as well.

Premium Home Delivery Meal Box Template

premium home delivery meal box template
This premium meal box template comes with two different varieties. It can cater the customers who require both main meals and snacks. It also allows storing either hot or cold dishes. It comes with attractive design and colors as well.

Livit – Fit Industrial Design Meal Box Template

livit fit industrial design meal box template
This Fit meal box comes with compact design and allows food to be warmed up using USB port. The lower portion of the box comes with hand shape for better grip. It comes with attractive colors to make it elegant.

These templates will shoot up your brand image and make your food seem yummier. If you are a start up thinking about saving cost in short run, then there is nothing better than downloading these premium box templates for free and simply printing them.