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20+ Printable Modern Newspaper Layouts

If you read newspapers on a regular basis, you must have noticed that they all have a fixed format. There’s usually a front page containing the most significant news pieces or a newspaper cover. To get an idea of the actual format, you need to take a look at some of these newspaper layout templates provided here. There are different kinds of layouts present here, depending upon the kind of newspapers you’re in charge of.

Photography of Newspaper Layout

photography of newspaper layout

This is the perfect example of how a Newspaper template should be arranged and what the ratio of photographs to content should be like. It is extremely easy to use as well.

Editorial Design Newspaper

editorial design newspaper

An editorial is a specialised corner in a newspaper which is reserved for the editor of the magazine. For such a sombre and important piece of article, you can use this newspaper layout.

Newspaper Cover Layout

newspaper cover layouts

As you may have noticed already, each newspaper has a cover of its own. If you want to take a look at some of the cover examples of a newspaper, this is one of the best samples ever.

Newspapers Layout Bundle

newspapers layout bundle

In this template, you get a bundle of newspaper layouts to choose from. The Newspaper templates here are extremely easy to use and fully customisable. They come with a number of options.

Smart Newspaper Display Mockup

smart newspaper display mockup

A mockup of a newspaper layout will show you exactly what the newspaper will look like once printed. So here you can arrange the articles and photographs as you want them in the final draft.

Daily Newspaper Layout

daily newspaper layout


Daily newspapers usually have a fixed format of their own. This front page newspaper template here follows that format down to the last detail. The format shown here is spot on and can be modified to your advantage.

Newspaper Layout Designed by Dima Kuzmichev

newspaper layout designed by dima kuzmichev

This is a newspaper layout designed by a professional who knows exactly what a newspaper should look like. The template comes with a professional outlook and is formal in nature.

Multiformat Newspaper Layout

multiformat newspape layout

This template here is one of the best and supreme examples of a Multiformat newspaper layout. Here you can tweak the details of the format as you please and customize it as well.

Web Design Newspaper Layout

web design newspaper layout

Online newspapers are all the rage right now. If you want to come up with an online newspaper of your own, you can take the help of this amazing template.

Ready to Print Newspaper Template

ready to print newspaper template


Multiformat Newspaper Layout Design

multiformat newspaper layout

Sports Newspaper Layout

sports newspaper layout

Professional Daily Newspaper

proffesional daily newspaper

Tabloid Size Newspaper Template

tabloid size newspaper template

InDesign Newspaper Layout

indesign newspaper layout


Presentation Newspaper Mockup

presentation newspaper mockup

Newspaper Layout Template

newspaper layout template


Newspaper Layout Mockup

newspaper layout mockup

Newspaper layouts are very important in deciding the kind of impression you have on your readers. That is why you need to pay careful attention to the overall layout of the newspaper. Here, you will find a different range of layouts to choose from. You can download any template of your choice and use it in a way that suits you.

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