23+ Event Postcard Templates – Free Sample, Example Format Download!

Event post cards are nothing but a time table kind of a schedule which relates all the events which are to be taking place, along with the time & date, venue details along with other information such as the dignitaries and guests facilitating the event etc. You can visit for more birthday postcard templates. These postcard templates are informative in nature, along with a small icon or an image of the sponsors or the firm or organization that is featuring the event. The templates can are mostly designed from scratch as it has to be customized as per the event details. However, there are pre-set samples as well which can be explored.

event postcard template title

Simple Event Planner Post Card Template

event planner post card template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed


Event Planner Postcard Template

free event planner postcard template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 6×4 inches + Bleed


Simple Event Postcard Templates PSD Format

simple event postcard templates psd format
This particular event postcard template would be suitable for a wide range of events. Especially if you’re organizing a multi cultural event, you could go for this template which allows you to include all kinds of details.

Christmas Event Postcard Download

christmas event postcard downlpad
Christmas is a time of spreading joy and showering blessings. You could show your love for your family members and loved ones by sending them this template. It is a simple Christmas themed template with an image of a present on the cover.

Ooh La La Paris Event Postcard Download Template

ooh la la paris event postcard download template
Paris happens to be one of the most amazing cities in the world, and you could celebrate a special event like a birthday at Paris with your friends. In case you’re doing so, this is the template for you. Download it and edit to suit your needs.

Rainbow Glam Custom Hair Salon Event Postcard Template

rainbow glam custom hair salon event postcard template
A hair salon opening is a grand affair, and it is done in a splendid manner. If you’ve started a hair salon, you could invite people to the opening with the help of this template. You could even promise the visitors some exciting prizes to attract more customers.

Massive Party Event Postcard Template Download

massive party event postcard template download
If you’re throwing a grand party soon, you need to send out an invite to everybody you know. This flamboyant and excellent event party postcard template would be perfect in such situations. It has been kept simple, and doesn’t give too much away.

Christmas Concert Event Postcard Downlpad

christmas concert event postcard download
Seldom will you come across someone who doesn’t enjoy a Christmas Concert. If you’ve been put in charge of organizing one, this is the template you should go for while inviting people to the concert. The bright blue background is sure to catch their eye.

Typography with Old Fashioned Graphic Event Postcard Downlpad

typography with old fashioned graphic event postcard downlpad
You could go for this unique vintage postcard template with typography, if you want a different look. It focuses more on the text than images, and the text appears really cool and smart against a white background.

Hip Hop Ultimate Party Event Postcard Downlpad

hip hop ultimate party event postcard downlpad
Are you having a hip hop themed party? Then this template would be just right. It contains bling, balanced against a black background, allowing you to customize it as you please.

Vintage Wedding Event Postcard Download

vintage wedding event postcard download
Wedding invitation postcards need to be elegant and tastefully designed, just like this postcard template. It consists of a simple design, and conveys the message in a clear and organized manner.

Plexus Event Invitation Postcards Template Download

plexus event invitation postcards template download
If you want a modern look for your event invitation, then look no further. This is the right template for you. It resembles the like button of social media platforms, against a quirky pink background. All you have to do is customize the details.

Sapphire Glam Custom Event Postcard Template

sapphire glam custom event postcard template
If you’ve just opened a hair salon, then a grand opening is a must. You could invite people to your grand opening with the help of this attractive template. All you have to do is download it and add relevant details to this sapphire template.

Futuristic Festival Event Postcard Downlpad PSD Format

futuristic festival event postcard downlpad psd format
This particular event postcard template would be perfect for a futuristic festival. If you’re having one, you need to download this template today and edit it. Once you add all your relevant details, you’ll be all set for printing.

Celebrate Church Event Postcard Bundle Template Download

celebrate church event postcard bundle template download
A church has a number of events throughout the year. All these events call for attractive postcard invitations. If your church is celebrating an event of some sort, you could download this template and customize it to suit your needs.

Special Photo Thank You Event Postcards

special photo thank you event postcards
If you recently had a get together or an event of some sort, like a wedding, you could certainly use this template to send a thank you note through a postcard. You can even add an image or two to give it a personal touch.

Vintage Peacock Event Postcard Download

vintage peacock event postcard download
A beautiful peacock feather can certainly enhance the appearance of your event invitation postcard. You could download this template, customize it by adding a photograph and send it out to all your friends and loved ones.

Mardi Gras Carnival Party Event Postcard Template

mardi gras carnival party event postcard template

Simple Editable Party Event Postcard Downlpad

simple editable party event postcard downlpad

Halloween Party Event Postcard Download Template

halloween party event postcard download template

Handmade Event Postcard Download Template

handmade event postcard download template

Simple Event Flyer/Poster/Postcard Template Download

simple event flyerposter postcard template download

Customizable Event Postcard Download Template

customizable event postcard download template

Digital Printable Event Postcard Download

digital printable event postcard download