24+ Luggage Tag Templates – Free Sample, Example Format Download!

One of our biggest nightmares while travelling is loosing or misplacing our luggage. Passengers also often tend to mix up bags and take somebody else’s bag home. To avoid such mishaps, we have for you a range of well crafted luggage tag templates. You can add your name, address, contact details and email address on these sample templates.Available in multiple formats, colours, fonts, sizes and shapes these example templates are perfect to add to your luggage when travelling. You can also visit gift tags templates. The tag templates are available in colourful varieties, comical designs, professional looking designs, beach themed designs and various other innovative and clever creation

Free Luggage Tag Template


6 Retro Vintage Luggage Tags Template

retro vintage luggage tags template This is a set of 6 Retro vintage Luggage Tag templates. They are printable and the text is customizable. They can be used extensively for travel purposes.

Vector Customizable Luggage Tags Template

vector customizable luggage tags template These are Customizable luggage tags in Vector format. They come in both vintage and contemporary formats to suit your style.

Monogram Luggage Tags Template Download

monogram luggage tags template download The Monogram Luggage Tag Templates look very sophisticated and will go well with leather bags and suitcases. The text can be either embossed or printed.

Vintage Luggage Tags PSD Format

vintage luggage tags psd format

The Vintage Luggage Tags come in PSD Format. They can be customized to include the destination of your travel along with the national flag of the nation.

luggage tags

15 Vintage Airline Luggage Tags Template Download

vintage airline luggage tags template download This is a set of 15 Vintage Airline Luggage Tags with the destination and other details customizable. They come in bright colours.

Handmade Luggage Tags PSD Format

handmade luggage tags psd format These are Handmade Luggage Tags in PSD Format which comes in 5 bright colours. The text can be printed on them and are ideal for any kind of luggage.

A2 Luggage Tag RSVP Template Download

a2 luggage tag rsvp template download The A2 Luggage Tag RSVP Template can be downloadable and comes in an envelope. The text can be customisable according to your specifications in bold red and light blue.

Custom Luggage Tag With Engraved Monogram

custom luggage tag with engraved monogram The Custom Luggage Tag With Engraved Monogram can be printed in leather or PU. The edges are rounded and stitched to give a neat look.

Customizable Luggage Tags Template PSD Format

customizable luggage tags template psd format Customizable Luggage Tags Template come in PSD Format and come in a bright colour. They can be tagged to a luggage of your choice and the text is customizable.

Luggage Tag Amy’s Choice Template

luggage tag amys choice template

Rustic Burlap Mrs Travel Luggage Tag Template

rustic burlap mrs travel luggage tag template 788x

World Luggage Tags PSD Format Download

world luggage tags psd format download

A Set Of Vintage Luggage Tags

a set of vintage luggage tags

Brass Buckle Luggage Tags Template

brass buckle luggage tags template

Conserve Water Drink Wine Tags For Luggage

conserve water drink wine tags for luggage 788x

PSD Format Luggage Tags Template

psd format luggage tags template

Black Custom Luggage Tags Template

black custom luggage tags template

This Bag Belongs to MR Tag For Luggage Template

this bag belongs to mr tag for luggage template 788x

Create Your Own Personalized Luggage Tags

create your own personalized luggage tags

Elegant Style Luggage Tags Template

elegant style luggage tags template

Simple Wood Luggage Tag Template

simple wood luggage tag template

Custom Aluminium Luggage Tag

custom aluminium luggage tag

Personalised Wanderlust Luggage Tag Template

personalised wanderlust luggage tag template

Custom Name Luggage Tag Template

name custom luggage tag template