23+ Photo Postcard Templates – Free Sample, Example Format Download!

Photo post cards are mostly used for taking an enlarged photograph in a post card sized template. However, these templates can also be used for showcasing the design and decoration skills. The templates mostly contain high definition images and picturesque content, and high quality presentation of the entire content. You may also like event photo postcard templates. Although there are pre-defined samples, examples and formats which are available for photo post card templates, still designers always prefer blank post cards which enable them to include high level of customizations and design pedigree, as well as get the entire postcard templates space for showcasing their design& presentation skills.

Panoramic Photo Postcard Template

panoramic photo postcard template

This panoramic photo postcard would be appropriate for you if you’re sending someone a special message for Valentines day. The image of a bouquet of flowers would surely cheer your loved one up. You can customize it with your personal details.

photo postcard title

Printable Post Wedding Photo Postcard Template

printable post wedding photo postcard template

Planning to have a gala party after your wedding? You could use this template to invite your friends to this event. What’s more, you could even add an image from the wedding to make it personal. Along with that, add the details of your party.

Save The Date Wedding Photo Postcard Template

save the date wedding photo postcard template

If you’ve already set a date for the wedding, you could ask your friends and family to save the date with the help of this template. You could download it and add a personal touch by adding a sweet photograph of yourselves as a happy couple.

Save The Date Magnet Photo Postcard Template

save the date magnet photo postcard template

This save the date postcard template would be really different from anything you’ve ever seen so far. It contains a magnet attached to it, so that your friends and family could save it. With a wooden background, the template gets a very rustic charm.

Wedding Photo Postcard Template PSD Format

wedding photo postcard template psd format

A wedding is the most special day in a couple’s life and you could celebrate this special day by inviting your friends and family. You could use this invitation template to do so. You can add a personal touch by inserting a customized photograph of yourselves on the cover.

Antique Parchment Paper Imagery Photo Postcard Template

antique parchment paper imagery photo postcard template

The text on this template appears to have been written on parchment. Isn’t that really unique? What’s more, you could use this template for a variety of purposes. It could be to invite someone to a wedding, or an anniversary party, or it could be a save the date postcard or it could even be a simple thank you postcard.

Multiuse Corporate Photo Postcard Template

multiuse corporate photo postcard template

This particular photo postcard can be used for a number of corporate purposes. You could use it to advertise a product or a service. You get to include the company name and tagline, along with a list of all your services.

Chalkboard Calendar Photo Postcard Template

chalkboard calendar photo postcard template

This chalkboard style save the date postcard template has a unique look, especially since it resembles a calendar. You can add a customized photograph in the box provided on the left to make it more special.

Music Night Party Photo Postcard Template

music night party photo postcard template

If you’re having a music night or a DJ night, you could opt for this template while designing your postcard invitation. It hints at a night of fun and dancing, and is sure to convince your friends to join you in the celebrations.

Christmas Holiday Typography Photo Postcard Template

christmas holiday typography photo postcard template

Christmas would be a great time to have a wedding. If you’re planning your wedding around the time of Christmas, you could go for this template. It combines the elegance of your wedding with the Christmas spirit to produce a stunning template.

Wine Photo Postcard Template Download

wine photo postcard template download

Rustic Camo Calendar Photo Postcard Template

rustic camo calendar photo postcard template

Automotive Car Sale Photo Postcard Template

automotive car sale photo postcard template

Save The Date Photo Postcard Template

save the date photo postcard template

Romantic Couple Photo Postcard Template

rmantic couple photo postcard template

Beauty Fashion Photo Postcard Template

beauty fashion photo postcard template

Photo Save The Date Postcard Template Download

photo save the date postcard template download